SereneComfort Premium FeatherTouch 6" Futon Mattress, Green

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Our feathertouch 6" futon mattress, is designed to elevate your sleep experience to new heights of luxury. Crafted with plush materials, this premium futon mattress offers a feather-like touch for a cloud-like sensation. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and relaxation as you drift off into a world of pure tranquility and rejuvenation.

Suitable for a wide range of sleep positions, including back, side, and combination sleepers

FeatherSoft Comfort: Luxurious surface for enhanced cushioning and ultimate comfort.
AirEase: Quality cover and foam core promote enhanced airflow for improved comfort.
BodyMold: 7-layer design contours to the body for optimal comfort and support.

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CloudCozy Elite 6" Futon Mattress

Mattress Feel: Medium Firm

Strikes a balance between support and plushness

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DreamLux Supreme 6" Futon Mattress

Mattress Feel: Soft

Offers a plush and cushiony feel with just right sinkage

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Premium 6" Futon Mattress

Mattress Feel: FeatherTouch

Deeper hug and contour, great pressure relief

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Cozy Cover

Designed with a gentle, skin-friendly texture, this cover creates a welcoming sleep surface, enhancing your comfort and relaxation for a peaceful night's rest.

futon mattress#quilted_premium6inch
futon mattress#thickness_premium6inch
Cloud-like Foam

Indulge in the blissful sensation of floating on a cloud with our supportive orthopedic and high-grade memory foam base.

7-Layer Comfort

This innovative design includes a sturdy polyester shell, thick polyester layers, dual memory foam, and high-density foam for unparalleled comfort and support.

futon mattress#quilted_premium6inch
futon mattress#quilted_premium6inch
Versatile Applications

Seamlessly converts from a comfortable sleep surface to extra seating, floor cushion, guest bed, or camping bed, ensuring convenience and comfort for all your needs.

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Important Tip: Due to compression packing during shipping, the futon mattress may initially appear less thick than expected. However, after laying it flat on the floor for a few days, it will naturally bounce back to its intended thickness. To maintain the mattress's quality, it is recommended to regularly turn and rotate it to prevent body marks. Additionally, drying the mattress in the sun frequently helps keep it fluffy and in optimal condition. It's important to note that the cover and straps are included as gifts and are not eligible for returns. (no storage bag)