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We design and sell high-quality natural futon mattresses ,solve the traditional mattress problems for different customers.

No matter when,no matter where,take with maxyoyo futon mattresses,enjoy easy life.

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Floor sleeping more comfortable!
We switched to floor sleeping to deal with our back pain and for a while it worked fantastic. Then we lost 120lbs between the two of us and the floor wasn’t comfortable anymore. I have always loved the idea of being able to fold my bed up and put it 100% away as done in a tatami room. It keeps the space cleaner and just feels right.


Perfect for camping, better than an air mattress
I ordered the full size to use when camping. It fits perfectly in my SUV. This has definitely took camping up a notch from the inflatable camping mattresses we've been using.I am pleased and super excited to have more comfortable bedding while camping.


Looking for comfort? Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Be brave, do what I did!

I purchased this item, because I was tired of my queen size bed. I bout two futons and two pads for the futons to go on. It is for our coach master bedroom. I purchased two of everything. What a good nights rest!


Cute and soft
I definitely recommend getting more than one if you’re looking for support since theyre very soft and sink a bit when sat on. Overall I am pleased with my purchases.


Perfect Farm House feel
We turned it sideways to accommodate our vanity size and it fits beautifully in our powder room. Perfect color and the small black details on the mirror really tie our black hardware together.