Our Story

Hi, We’re MAXYOYO, the Futon Mattress Company.

20 years ago, our living environment was not good.When guest comes to our house, we only let the guest sleep on the hard floor because we don't have extra mattresses.Finally, I've had enough of this poor hospitality way, but the expensive traditional mattresses annoy me so much!Maybe I have been blessed by God. By chance, I learned about the Japanese way of life, and combined with their way of life and sleep, I discovered it "traditional Japanese mattresses".

After that, I founded the brand MAXYOYO. With the pursuit of easy life, MAXYOYO has developed a variety of household products. These products are easy to use, convenient to store, save space, and have reasonable prices. Solve the traditional life problems for different customers, according to the needs of customers, we create a variety of minimalist products to satisfy many customers


Brand Values

We Bring Easy Life to Home

Since its establishment, MAXYOYO has been adhering to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, committed to creating a fashionable, comfortable and healthy life, and providing customers with a more comfortable home experience.

Professional Cast Quality

We have a strong sense of quality, focus on quality, and strive to improve the quality of life of our customers.

We’re as obsessed with service

From the perspective of customers, we are committed to establishing long-term and close partnerships with customers. Our sales policy fully considers their long-term interests. We provide high-quality services to help customers turn the house into a warm home.

Our Mission

Build a global leading futon mattress brand. Whether it is for decoration or lying on the ground after work, we can create the rest space you want.

Why Choose MAXYOYO

Comfort Guarantee

We hand-craft affordable quality mattresses. We use the highest quality material to make the most comfortable futon mattress for you.

Factory Direct

We do as much in-house as possible, like making our own coils and cutting our own foam which helps us keep our costs low. This allows you to get the best comfort at the best value, without the middle-man.

Products Selection

We have a large selection of products for you to choose from. We are committed in bringing value to the marketplace through our specialty online stores.

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