MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Mat 100% Rush Grass Portable Folding Mat Futon Mattress Firm Traditional Floor Bed

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Uses 100% rush grass. Non slip! Our rush grass mattresses are unique decor for traditional tatami rooms which you often see in traditional Japanese inns and temples.Three size, twin:79"x39"x0.47", full:79"x54"x0.47" and queen:79"x60"x0.47"

With our traditional Japanese rush grass mattresses produced by MAXYOYO, you can sleep comfortably on the floor.

Tatami mattresses smell good like freshly cut grass, which is actually the smell of cultivated soft rushes. They smell very refreshing and exotic at the same time, taking you back to the good old days.

Please check the product before purchasing! Because Rush Grass is a natural material, it may have some irregularities such as uneven color, splits, and effects from the sun.Simply snip away split pieces of Rush Grass.

Flip-flap! Put six tatami mattresses together and you can create a cozy space for your family to kick back and relax in the blink of an eye! Soft rushes absorb moisture, thereby controlling humidity. They get rid of sticky skin after sweating and improve your sleep quality. Feel the sweet rush of pleasure with MAXYOYO's rush grass mattresses!