MAXYOYO Japanese Floor Mattress for Adults, 4" Thick Roll Up Floor Bed Futon Mattress Shikibuton, Green

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Comfortable Polyester Fabric: The polyester of the mattress gives it a sort of lightness but also keeps the shape of the mattress and the body of the mattress firm. This allows it to be flexible and fluffy yet strong and sturdy. So get this all-in-one futon mattress to enjoy both comfort and style

High-density Base Support Foam Filling: This Twin futon mattress is made up of whole piece polyester + high-density base support foam + whole piece polyester as the inner layer. The good quality high-density base support foam keeps the mattress supportive, irrespective of the weight on it and the way it is used. The outer layer of the futon is soft for maximum comfort, and the inner layer has a premium foam that retains the fluffiness of the mattress

Fine Quilted Craft: The quilted pattern is made very delicately and thoroughly but with strong, firm thread. The borders of the mattress are hemmed to make it more structured and intact. The floor mattress has four sizes: Twin/Full/Queen/King, meeting your different needs

WIDE VERSATILITY: The Twin futon mattress can be used in various settings and scenarios. Its shape and design give it a sort of aesthetic that fits all sorts of themes and colors. It can be used as a traditional mattress for a bed or a mobile floor mattress that can be taken out or stored when required. It can also be folded into the storage bag easily and put in the RV, tent and taken outdoors

Important Tip: Please Dry The Floor Mattress Under the Sun Firstly, it will be recovered more quickly in the sunshine. Please kindly be noticed that we compress the futon mattress into a storage bag for transportation, so please allow at least 2-3 days to recover the thickness. Periodically turning over and rotating a mattress to prevent body impressions


The futon mattress features a double-layer tape edge that runs along the edge of the mattress surface, preventing the edges from cracking. High sides reinforce the support of the outer edge of the mattress Square Quilting: The mattress is sewn square with fine stitching. There are four layers: mask + quilting + high-density base foam + quilting + mask, which adapts to the curve of the human body structure and relieves physical fatigue. Quilted mattress for bedroom, floor, guest room, tent, teepee


The mattress can be used as a bedroom futon mattress, floor mattress, rug, tatami mat, or as a guest bed or tent mattress. A good companion to accompany your family and enjoy the life of MAXYOYO futon mattress