MAXYOYO Headboard Wedge Pillow with Free Cylindrical Pillow Bed Wedge Bolster, Blue

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MAXYOYO has introduced a new companion for futon mattresses – a soft and supportive reading pillow. Not only can you use it for relaxation on the bed, but it also serves as back support for floor mattresses. This allows floor mattresses to function similarly to traditional beds, providing both comfort and support.Twin 38.5"x20"x8", Queen 59"x20"x8", King 75.6"x20"x8".

We have opted out of using commonly found synthetic fiber fillings in the market because they significantly compromise back support and make it challenging for the product to regain its original state after packaging. Instead, we have chosen shredded memory foam filling, which better fulfills the support needed for body contact.

We provide additional cylindrical pillows as a complimentary inclusion to prevent your neck from feeling strained and sore due to prolonged suspension. One pillow is included with twin size, while two pillows are included with full and queen sizes.

The headboard pillow features an ergonomic design that conforms to the natural curvature of the body, providing optimal height support for the upper body. It alleviates pressure on your back and shoulders, offering suitable support for reading and relaxation.

You can use it on a bed, sofa, or combine it with floor mattresses for added versatility.