MAXYOYO Cooling Bean Bag Folding Sofa Bed, Floor Mattress for Hot Sleepers with Cooling Washable Cover, Grey

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Introducing featuring Cool Technology Fabric: This innovative material expertly absorbs body heat, ensuring a cool and comfortable night's sleep while reducing skin temperature. Experience the bliss of lounging in this soft and cozy chair at your convenience. Available in two sizes: Single size: 95"D x 30"W x 4.7"H; Full size: 95"D x 54"W x 4.7"H

Discover the Unique Design: This versatile bean bag can be positioned against a wall to provide excellent back support. Unfold it effortlessly to transform it into a luxurious lounge chair or a comfortable mattress. It can also be unfolded into a chaise or mattress configuration. The foldable mattress is designed in four parts, allowing for independent disassembly of the filling. Its ergonomic design conforms perfectly to your body, providing an exceptionally comfortable experience.

Experience the Superior Foam Filling: Our bean bag chair is filled with fluffy foam chunks and high-density base support foam, ensuring strong and reliable support that won't easily collapse. Bid farewell to the creaking sounds associated with traditional bean fillings, and revel in the peace and quiet of your space.

Unmatched Versatility: Don't miss out on our cooling Floor Mattress if you are a hot sleeper or frequently experience night sweats. This multipurpose product serves as an ideal bean bag chair, floor couch, spare bed, sleeping mat, floor mattress, yoga mat, floor bed, pilates or exercise mat, futon mattress, or even a children's play mat.

Important Notice: In our commitment to environmental protection and reducing carbon footprint, we compress the mattress into a compact package during transportation. By doing so, we minimize space occupation and carbon dioxide emissions. Upon receiving the product, please open the mattress and allow it to rest for 2-3 days. It will gradually expand and return to its original state.
Cooling Breathable Fabric

This function point refers to the feature of the product that utilizes a cooling and breathable fabric. The fabric is designed to absorb body heat, keeping the user cool throughout the night. It enhances comfort and reduces skin temperature.
1. The fabric should have cooling properties that actively absorb and dissipate body heat.
2. It should promote airflow and breathability to ensure proper ventilation.
3. The fabric should be comfortable against the skin and provide a cool sensation.
4. The cooling effect should be consistent and long-lasting.

Removable Cleaning Cover

This function point relates to the product's capability to have a removable cover that can be easily cleaned. The cover serves as a protective layer for the bean bag bed and can be removed for washing or maintenance purposes.
1. The cover should be designed to be easily detachable from the bean bag bed.
2. It should have a secure fastening mechanism to keep it in place during use.
3. The cover should be machine washable or have specific cleaning instructions provided.
4. It should be durable and able to withstand frequent washing without losing its quality or shape.
5. The cover should be easily reattached to the bean bag bed after cleaning, ensuring a snug fit.