10-Piece Modular Convertible Kids Play Couch Sofa Set with Removable Velvet Covers (Multi)

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From Fun Forts to Cozy Snuggles, Unlock the Surprising Potential of Kids' Play Couch

The MAXYOYO play couch is a revolutionary children's furniture piece that encourages creativity, imagination, and active play. From building forts and obstacle courses to creating cozy lounging spaces, the play couch offers endless possibilities. It brings joy, comfort, and endless entertainment to any playroom or living space.

Eco-friendly Fabric

Made with eco-friendly materials, this play couch is safe for kids and the environment.

High-Quality Foam

The high-quality foam used in this set is soft, durable, and safe, ensuring hours of comfortable play for your child.
Whether building forts, creating obstacle courses, or simply lounging, this play couch offers endless possibilities for fun and entertainment.

Removable Velvet Covers

The covers are made of crystal super soft velvet fabric and are removable for easy cleaning. Simply unzip and machine wash.

Easy Assembly

The modular design allows for easy assembly and customization to suit your space and play needs. The 10-Piece Modular Convertible Kids Play Couch Sofa Set is a versatile and fun addition to any playroom or living space, providing endless entertainment and comfort for your child.


Due to compression packing during shipping, please allow the play sofa to rest for 2-3 days after opening to regain its original shape.