MAXYOYO Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed, 4.7" Thick Memory Foam Giant Dog Bed, Grey

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Thickened Design: In order to provide pets with a better sleeping experience, we have increased the thickness of the dog bed. The 4.7" thick base allows pets to sleep more comfortably without feeling the hardness of the ground, which sets it apart from other 2" thick dog beds.

Soft Memory Foam: As you can see, the middle of the dog bed is made of 100% HUMAN GRADE MATTRESS MEMORY FOAM, which can help reduce joint pain and quickly relieve pet fatigue.

Easy to Clean: The removable cover makes it convenient for you to clean. We recommend cleaning it once a month to keep it clean and hygienic.

Appropriate Size: We currently offer two sizes to choose from, 50" x 30" x 4.7" and 60" x 35" x 4.7", which meet the needs of most pet sizes.

If your pet is more suitable for sleeping on a memory foam bed, this will be a very normal choice.