MAXYOYO 6" Tufted Futon Sofa Couch Bed, Thick Corduroy Fabric Floor Futon Mattress for Adults (Mattress Only), Beige

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Versatile & Thick Futon: The thickness of the futon is about 6 inches, which provides a comfortable sleeping surface with ample cushioning and support. It is suitable for use on futon frames or as a mattress on its own on the floor. The futon is filled with high-density shredded foam. The corded fabric adds a touch of style and comfort to the futon, making it a stylish and inviting addition to your home furnishings

Twisted Rope Edging: The edges of the futon are adorned with twisted rope design, creating a spiraled effect along the edge and adding visual interest and elegance to the overall appearance of the futon. The twisted rope edging is a durable decoration that withstands wear and tear

Hand-Tufted Design: These tufts are strategically placed to prevent shifting or bunching of the internal materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and stability, creating a tailored and luxurious look

Size Futon Tip: Full: 80"L x 54"W; Queen: 80"L x 60"W. The futon can be used as a sofa during the day and converted into a bed at night. Prior to purchasing a MAXYOYO futon, it is important to measure your frame. Please note that MAXYOYO futons are not accompanied by frames

Kindly Note: Futon is often compressed and vacuum-sealed to reduce space occupation and carbon dioxide emission during transportation. Once the futon is unpacked and allowed to breathe for 48 hours, it quickly regains its original shape and size, ready for use

Distinctive Design

Strategically positioned tufts prevent internal material shifting or bunching, ensuring enduring durability and stability while lending a refined and opulent appearance. With a thickness of approximately 6 inches, this futon provides a luxurious sleeping surface, offering ample cushioning and support.

Versatile Mattress

The versatility of the futon mattress to add convenience and comfort to life, It can be used as a sofa/bed/floor mattress, you can easily change its use according to the need to facilitate your comfortable life.