Why a Better Night Sleep Can Improve Your Sex Life

Getting enough quality sleep helps your body rest and recuperate while also offering your mind a break, lowering your stress and anxiety levels. Your sex drive will naturally increase if you have enough rest without stress. In contrast, sleep deprivation lowers your testosterone levels, so it only makes sense to get a better night's sleep to boost your sex drive.


So, what's the relationship between sleep and sex? Insufficient sleep and sex have common underlying causes, such as stress. Ideally, lack of sex can result in sleep problems, while lack of sleep is a contributing factor to sexual issues.


Therefore, folks with better sleep cycles have better sex lives. Though it may sound too good to be true, the relationship between quality sleep and better sex is supported by scientific research.


A study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicated that women who got an extra hour of sleep boosted their odds of making out the next day by 14 percent. You can imagine what would materialize if you had at least two additional sleep hours at night. Interesting, right?


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Why a Better Night Sleep Can Improve Your Sex Life


Numerous studies testify to the essence of healthy sleep habits: inadequate sleep has proven to impact almost all of your body parts negatively. However, people who need a bit more motivation to enhance their sleep lives would like to know that getting more sleep means having more sex.


So why does a better night's sleep improve your sex life?


The reasoning behind this line of thought is that poor sleep can hinder sex due to its effect on mental health. It can exacerbate conditions such as depression and anxiety, which is a leading cause of sexual dysfunction in women and men owing to their influence on sexual arousal. Enough quality sleep does exactly the opposite. It enhances peace of mind and contributes to improved sexual desire and arousal in both men and women.


Generally, poor sleep can bring about emotional and relationship issues that can compromise sexual health. Take lack of sleep, for example. It can contribute to conflict between you and your partner, fostering an emotional state that increases stress, lowers intimacy, and interferes with having a good sexual life.



How to Make a Better Night Sleep


A great night's sleep is just as meaningful as regular exercise and a nutritious diet. As you age and your sleep patterns change, you may experience more restless nights and weary mornings. In women, it usually starts around the time of menopause, when hot flashes, among other ailments, awaken them.


We all have difficulty sleeping now and then, but when it persists day after day, it may turn into a serious issue. Many factors can compromise your sleep quality, from illnesses to work stress. It's, therefore, no surprise that getting enough sleep is sometimes elusive. You may be unable to control the dynamic stresses that disrupt your sleep, but you can develop habits that promote better sleep.


Begin with these simple solutions:



  • Stay on Schedule


It's advisable to stick to a predetermined schedule when it comes to sleep. Sleep should take no more than eight hours, and most people need less than 8 hours in bed to rest fully. Sleep and wake up at the exact time daily because consistency helps to reinforce your body's sleep/wake cycle.


In case you don't fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed, leave your room and do anything relaxing. One way of relaxing is by reading or listening to soothing music. Music can relax your mind and put you in the proper mindset for sleeping. When you're exhausted, retire to bed and repeat as necessary but keep your sleep and waking hours consistent.



  • Eliminate Distractions


We've all heard that adopting a nightly routine and a predefined bedtime can help one sleep easier and wake up better. However, life frequently appears to get in the way of having one such regular sleeping pattern.


One way to eliminate distractions is by reassessing your phone-life balance. If you are a phone addict, begin making adjustments by limiting your phone time in the sleeping area, keeping your phone face down when you go to bed, or leaving your phone in the living room. Adhering to some of these simple guidelines can give you more quality time with your loved one in the bedroom, besides encouraging you to sleep naturally.



  • Hormones


It may seem obvious that more energy and focus leads to better playtime with your lover, but it runs much deeper than that, as sleep also modulates your hormones. Studies show that proper sleep aids in the regulation of testosterone, whereas sleep deprivation lowers those levels. When testosterone falls, so does sex drive.


Another integral hormone, oxytocin, is critical for sex and sleep. This hormone is helpful for obstructive sleep apnea, maximizing overall sleep time. It's also produced when making out and is well-known for minimizing stress, making it easy for you to fall asleep.



  • Reduce Stress


Daytime worries can become lively at night. Stress stimulates the fight or flight hormones which are openly hostile to sleep. Therefore, you should allocate yourself enough time to unwind before going to bed.


Stress and hormones are strongly intertwined. Sleep is among your body's primary stress-resistance mechanisms. Therefore, healthy sleeping habits are intricately bound to your ability to deal with stress productively.


Learning some basic relaxation responses can help you sleep better and lower your daytime anxiety. A good example is to try deep breathing exercises to help you relax as you prepare for a great night's sleep.



  • Look and Feel Sexier


Beauty sleep exists. Sleep not only helps you improve your appearance and mood, but studies agree that others (including your lover) will notice as well. Even though most of us can get by on a less-than-ideal night's sleep from time to time, we all make these decisions, often without noticing. Therefore, get that beauty sleep, so your partner views you as healthy and attractive.



Try to Sleep on Futon Mattress


Finding a quality futon mattress that promotes a better night's sleep can be difficult. Futons come in all sizes and design options, and if you suffer from chronic back pain, those futons that promise excellent back support and deep pressure relief often don't deliver as advertised.


Fortunately, many reputable brands offer high-end futon mattresses for a comfortable sleep experience at a low cost. One such brand is MAXYOYO. This company provides quality futon mattresses at a relatively affordable price compared to the expensive hybrid mattresses on the market. They sell various types of mattresses, including the famous MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress.


This mattress comes with a deep comfort system to ensure even contouring and sturdy support, while the medium-firm design guarantees that you'll not sink too much while asleep. The MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress outperforms many of its counterparts in terms of motion isolation and pressure relief. This can be linked to its great built quality, which allows the mattress to contour closely without compromising support.


Cooling is another integral strength. The mattress allows air to circulate freely to maintain a good internal temperature throughout the sleep cycle, making it a solid investment for any hot sleeper. The cover is breathable and features moisture-wicking properties. What's even better? The mattress is versatile, space-saving, and boasts a handful of other features that are appealing to most sleepers.

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