Where to Buy Futon Mattresses?

Are you searching for the perfect mattress which is comfortable, soft, and has multiple uses? The concept of Futon Mattresses has been derived from old Japanese times when mattresses were filled with reeds, hay, and animal hair. Compared to a regular mattress, a Futon Mattress is a mattress that can be converted into a sofa and a bed and benefits people with its back pain-reducing ability.

Futon Mattress

Benefits of Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses are quilted ones that provide cushioning and support and are an ideal option for a long-term sleeping investment. They allow natural spine alignment on your back and can be used as both a couch during the day and as a bed at night. Futon mattresses also help you save up a lot of space which is why they are a recommended investment.

Types of Futon Mattresses

1. Solid Color Floor Futon Mattresses

As solid colors never go out of style, you can invest in a solid-colored futon mattress, male or female, as it will blend well with both genders. Especially if you have a neutral-toned home that is white or off-white, a solid color will help enhance the space. Some solid color options include white, sky blue, purple, green, black, and gray.

2. Printed Floor Futon Mattresses

We are sure you will love the different variety of options in printed mattresses, such as flowers, stars, shapes, nature, or other geometric designs. Printed ones are the best option if you aren’t too fond of solid colors or have kids at home and don’t want your solid mattress to get dirty. If you choose a darker color, you won’t have to wash it regularly, nor will it get as dirty.

3. Bohemian Floor Futon Mattress

Bohemian style prints are highly popular among people these days as it helps you create the individuality of your own and a unique style. If you want to give a shot to some unique, funky, and colorful prints, you will like Bohemian prints and the designs as they blend different colors, patterns, designs, and styles.

Buying Futon Mattresses

Now that you have learned all the details and essentials about futon mattresses, you should plan to invest in one so that you can live comfortably with a soft and comfy mattress. Investing in futon mattresses can be the best as they are multi-purpose, can be carried anywhere you want, and give a luxurious and classy feel.


When you enter the store at MAXYOYO, you will not only come across various futon mattresses but also unique floor mats and elegant mirrors. If you want to enjoy a futon mattress with no hard edges, can be folded easily and doesn’t require much maintenance and care, then you should check out this beautiful solid purple mattress. Or, if you are into prints or something unique, try giving a shot at the printed futon mattress variety at MAXYOYO. We are sure you will love the variety that they have to offer.

Futon Mattress

Above all, Pick the right mattress

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