What Is the Difference Between Futon Mattresses And Regular Mattresses?

futon mattress

Sleeping well is a sure way to wake up in a bright mood. The most significant factor that plays a part in this is the mattress you sleep on. Every detail about your mattress will impact your resting time, from firmness and size to thickness and material. So, it is essential that you know your options and choose wisely.

Besides the traditional mattresses used for bedding, another unique mattress that is gaining popularity in the Western world – is the futon mattress. If you want to switch mattresses, the big question is – which one should you choose?

Here is all you need to know to pick the right one for you. Keep reading.

Futon Mattresses vs. Regular Mattresses

Futon mattresses differ from regular mattresses, both in build and slightly in functionality. Let’s understand the basic structural and functional differences between the two so you can decide better.

What Are Futon Mattresses?

A futon mattress is a Japanese invention and is thinner than a regular one. It comes in different materials like latex, foam, and polyester. The distinctive feature of a futon mattress is that it can be used for various purposes. You can fold it into the shape of a sofa or as bedding. Due to its size and structure, the mattress can be carried elsewhere and used as a guest bed.

Sometimes, the futon mattress can also be used as a carpet. They can be found in multiple layers to form a comfortable sleeping place for you. Traditionally, wool and feathers were mainly used to produce futon mattresses as they were easier to roll and fold. With time and especially in today's era, foam, latex, and other materials are also being used to make it more comfortable for sleeping.

Some futon mattresses are made exclusively for sleeping, and you can't fold them. There are different sizes, structures, and colors available for it.

What Are Regular Mattresses?

The regular mattress is used only for bedding and sleeping purposes. It is typically used in the Western world. Mostly, it is added to the frame of the bed. A traditional mattress is thicker in structure and has more layers of various materials intertwined.

The most common and one of the oldest mattresses is the spring mattress. The coils of springs inside the mattress keep it bouncy and comfortable. There are some other types of traditional mattresses as well, like latex, foam, and hybrid ones.

futon mattress

While each type has a different structure, they are primarily used for sleeping purposes and cannot be folded to perform another function.

What Is the Main Difference Between a Futon Mattress and a Regular Mattress?

There are some clear differences between the two mattresses. Both mattresses differ in their appearance. Regular mattresses are thicker, while futon mattresses are significantly thinner. However, futon mattresses come in various sizes, so some thicknesses can vary. Futon mattresses that can be folded into a sofa are usually thicker than ones purely for bedding.

This brings us to the other main difference between a futon and a regular mattress. A futon can be folded into a sofa in most cases. Even if it can’t be formed into a sofa, a futon mattress can still be folded and kept aside to save space. A thickness of a regular mattress does not support the folding function. It can only be laid straight, so they take up more space too.

The price gap is another major difference. Futon mattresses are significantly cheaper and more affordable than traditional mattresses. Since a futon can also be used as a sofa, it saves you the additional cost of buying an expensive piece of furniture.

While the firm build of the regular mattress provides more support, the futon mattress has better breathability and airflow. So, a regular mattress may be a better option for people with back issues, but a futon provides coolness and improved airflow throughout the night.

The Best Futon Mattress You'll Love

A futon mattress is available in a range of sizes and colors today. Some options are now as thick as regular mattresses while still providing all the functionalities of the futon mattress. Given their practical and comfortable qualities, it is no surprise that people are shifting to futon mattresses.

However, you must be vigilant in choosing only the best futon mattress from the right brand. Our top recommendation for futon mattresses is Maxyoyo. Maxyoyo HYPERLINK "MAXYOYO Futon Mattress come in plain solid colors and a wide range of prints. No matter what your interior is, you will be able to find something for your abode from the long list of futon mattresses at Maxyoyo.

They come at a highly affordable price tag and are made with high-quality fabric. Besides being multi-functional, Maxyoyo futon mattresses have strong stitches to prevent tearing and damage. The multiple layers ensure perfect support and comfort.

If you want to switch to a budget-friendly mattress that saves space in the apartment, is comfy, firm, durable, multi-purpose, and available in a range of options, the Maxyoyo futon mattress is our top suggestion. After all, nothing is more critical or refreshing than a good night's sleep or a quick nap. Have a good one!

 futon mattress

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