What Is a Futon?

futon mattress

Are you planning to set up your new space very soon and can’t wait to get started on the essentials for a perfect apartment? When it comes to bedding, it is highly important that you choose something that is functional, helps you rest well, and provides adequate support and comfort.

As the cost of living and rents are peaking these days, more and more people are leaning towards a lifestyle where they don’t have to spend too much. Read on to learn more about “Futon,” which is a popular traditional Japanese style of bedding.

What is a Futon?

A Japanese style of bedding, a Futon is a kind of mattress that can be used for different purposes. In the daytime, you can fold it up and use it as a sofa, and during the night, you can fold it into a bed and sleep peacefully.

A common part of the lifestyle of Japanese, the word “Futon” was originally derived from a term referring to a round mat, or a cushion filled up with leaves. The futon is made up of 3 parts, the mattress, pillow, and comforter. Made out of natural fibers, a futon mattress lasts for a long time and makes a good and firm bed for all kinds of sleepers.

What’s the Difference Between a Futon and a Sofa Bed?

If you haven’t used a futon before, then it can be a little confusing to distinguish between a futon and a sofa bed. A sofa bed is designed to be a multi-functional piece of furniture, and the mattress of the sofa bed is hidden underneath the sofa. It looks just like a traditional sofa, and when you want to turn it into a bed, you will have to remove the seat cushions and then pull out the mattress from underneath.

futon mattress

On the other hand, a futon uses the same cushion for both a sofa and the bed, and it does not in any way appear like a traditional sofa. It neither has an armrest nor additional cushions and can be placed on metal or wooden frames for extra back support and more of a sofa look.

What are the Benefits to Sleep on a Futon?

  • Good for Back Health

Inaccurate bedding can create stress and discomfort in some areas of your back which can lead to certain health conditions and pain throughout the day. Sleeping on a futon bed can be great for your posture and back health as they are very firm and allow you complete comfort throughout the night.

  • Promotes Deeper Sleep

A futon mattress promotes deeper sleep in regular users as it provides amazing blood circulation around the body. A deeper sleep at night means that your muscles will be at ease throughout the day, and you will not experience any stiffness, even at work or during your gym sessions.

  • Gives a Cooler Experience

Unlike traditional mattresses, a futon won’t retain as much heat, which means it can be great for the summertime, especially if your air conditioning isn’t working. As futon is made of organic materials such as cotton, wool, and latex, you can choose the material according to the weather. For example, you could add wool or fleece to the futon during the cold winter months.

  • Completely Disturbance Free

If you aren’t fond of mattresses that come with springs and make noise all night, then you will be glad to learn that futon is completely noise free. So, if you are a light sleeper, this means that you will be able to sleep peacefully all night without much movement.

The Highly Recommended Futon Mattresses

Are you looking for a mattress that both you and your partner will be able to share and want to opt for a neutral color? Well, for a neutral-colored mattress, this brown futon can be a suitable choice for you. If you want two people to sleep comfortably, then you can choose from 2 size options, either full or queen. Also, this futon mattress will help improve blood circulation when you sleep at night and also help you relieve the physical fatigue that you go through during the day.

  • MAXYOYO Bohemia Style Mattress

Not a fan of plain mattresses as you feel that they might get dirty often and are more prone to stains? This Bohemia Style mattress can be great for you if you want a girlish vibe to your room and want to match the aesthetics. With a skin-friendly, breathable, and simple material, this mattress will allow you to sleep with comfort without having to worry about skin allergies or feeling too hot in the middle of the night. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect idea to relax after a long and hectic week at work?

  • MAXYOYO Pink Unicorn Floor Mattress

If you want to make your home child-friendly and want to incorporate a theme for them, this Unicorn Floor Mattress can be an ideal choice. In a pretty pink color with unicorns on it. It is made from high-quality material, a cotton and memory foam filling, and a superb quilting process, all of which ensure that the mattress provides softness and comfort during deep sleep. Moreover, it has a dust-free cover which means you won’t have to worry about cleaning or dusting the mattress regularly, as the dust will stay away.

Are you looking forward to a minimalistic lifestyle that doesn’t require too much effort but also helps you put up your space very nicely? Whether it is classy floor cushions for your living room, elegant and stylish mirrors for your vanity, or multi-functional and comfy futon mattresses for your living room and bedroom both, you can find all of these options easily at MAXYOYO. With the promise of an easy life,  you will find your favorite and desirable products on our website, as these products will help you with ease and relaxation as well as a comfortable deep sleep during the night.

 futon mattress

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