What are the Benefits of Sleeping Outside?

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Close your eyes and recall the last time you returned home from camping or a long hike. You certainly felt calm and excited after connecting with nature and getting away from your daily life. It emerges that nature may also be the best sleep aid.


While we often discuss optimizing your bedroom for sleep, sleeping outside can do you good. Below, we underscore the benefits of sleeping outside and offer insight into other aspects of this topic. Read on!


Why is it Great to Sleep Outside?


When the weather is clear, the advantages of sleeping in the open air are plain to see. Many people like abandoning their busy lives for a camping adventure, such as sleeping in a tent during a backpacking trip or staying in an encampment for an extended vacation. Even a short nap in your favorite hammock in your backyard may be sufficient to reap the rewards of open-air sleeping.


Here are the benefits of sleeping outside, some of which will surprise you.


  • Resets your circadian rhythm


Circadian rhythm, also known as the 24-hour cycle, is an internal process that controls a person's sleep-wake cycle daily. Unfortunately, most of us suffer from circadian rhythm upsets, including difficulties going to sleep, waking up too early or in the middle of the night, and not being able to resume our sleep.


Studies show that spending time outdoors can help in resetting your circadian rhythm. Another benefit of sleeping outside is that it can help change a sleep schedule to align with light cycles, so you can go to bed and wake up early even after a camping trip. Other studies also agree that spending a weekend sleeping in the open air helps you wake up feeling refreshed and that this contentment will last throughout the day.


  • It's good for your mental well-being.


Sleeping outside has been scientifically proven to aid mental health, primarily by lowering stress. A study in Environment and Behaviour states that spending time outdoors keeps stress at bay, leading to a more positive perception of life. Other studies reveal that exercising in a natural environment can limit the possibility of suffering from poor mental health.


So, spending a night camping outdoors can benefit one's mental health. Choosing a camping location that capitalizes on the best nature offers, such as beautiful views and plenty of greenery, would be better.


  • Sleeping outside can boost your immune system.


Spending time outdoors can strengthen your immune system. A study in 2008 discovered that people who walk through a forest for nearly 3 hours a day exhibited low cortisol concentration, blood pressure, and pulse rates. The study further underscored that being outside triggers the production of white blood cells and anticancer proteins.


  • It helps your brain function better.


Your brain accumulates a significant amount of the oxygen we breathe, so it's no surprise that the better quality we inhale, the better it functions. Sleeping in the open air improves your thinking ability. So if you want to think more objectively when working, it could be time to pick your hiking boots and sleeping bag and proceed towards the wood.


  • Sleeping outside inspires adventure.


If you intend to sleep outside, you will almost certainly be experiencing an adventure. It may be a few nights away with your friends at a preferred campsite or a hike with backcountry nights. Whatever the arrangements, spending quality time outside means getting away from typical life to reset your mind, resynchronize with nature, and so on.


  • Stale air is Detrimental to your body.


If you own an air conditioning system, the air is most likely stale. Even if that's not the case, the absence of sufficient ventilation inside your house means there is certainly a huge amount of CO2 inside. Research has proved that CO2-dense rooms can delay metabolism, leading to a sluggish feeling. Fresh air improves brain and body function, but stale air has the opposite effect. Spending a night outdoors can assist in counteracting this by offering you fresh air to help eliminate stale air from your body.

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How to Sleep Outside Comfortably


Sleep is the cornerstone of performance, as attested by recent research. Getting adequate sleep positively affects your mental and physical functioning. Sleeping well must be a prime daily consideration, especially when going out for an adventure.


Part of the reality of countryside pursuits is encountering a set of risks

, so stick around to find out more about sleeping outside comfortably.


  • Ensure the ground is even


This may seem obvious, but we understand that it can be tempting to pitch your tent in a hurry due to inclement weather. Try lying down while setting up your camp to determine if the ground is level, wet, a few meters left, and so on. All of this can have a significant impact on the night ahead.


  • Get warm before bed


Sleeping bags function as thermoses, not microwaves, in that they retain heat but can't generate it. Tucking into the sleeping bag while you're cold means staying cold for an extended duration. For this reason, you should consider ways to get warm before tucking into your sleeping bag. This may include doing some jumping jacks before going to bed.


  • Pee before sleeping


The worst sensation on the planet is noticing that you want to pee immediately after tucking yourself into that comfortable sleeping bag. So it would help if you peed before bed to avoid sacrificing comfort.


  • Ear plugs


Sleeping outside keeps you from the city noise that you're used to. However, you may be shocked by how noisy nature can be. If the weather is windy and wet, you'll easily tell, and you'll need to wear earplugs to divert the noise.


  • Stick to your normal nighttime routine


Though it might be promising to remain up the whole night outside ( after all, we all enjoy campfires and good conversation!), It helps to adhere to your normal bedtime routine exactly as you would at home. This involves not eating before bedtime and performing nightly traditions such as meditation.


The Great Futon Mattress for Open-air Sleeping


One of the rewarding ways to experience nature is sleeping outside. However, you can only enjoy your night out on a mattress that offers optimal comfort and support. That's where a futon mattress for open-air sleeping comes into play. A futon mattress for open-air is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to stay comfortable all night.


We recommend the Maxyoyo futon mattress for open-air sleeping because it has dozens of features, making it suitable for any needs. For example, the mattress is well-built to guarantee maximum abuse for years. Many people find this mattress convenient outdoors since it's made of natural materials, making it breathable and resistant to moisture build-up.


So, if you're looking to enjoy your adventure in the open-air, the Maxyoyo futon mattress is worth considering.

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