Ways on How to Make Your Guest Room Special

Many people put a lot of effort into making their guest room special. They furnish it in a lavish style and make it comfortable for visitors. Even so, not everyone who stays in this room has the same level of appreciation. It's possible that those who stay there may find it too grand or too fussy.

This blog will take a look at some ways on how to make your guest room special – the right way!


Importance of making a guest room special

A guest room should be a welcoming space. If you want your guest to feel at home, you have to make it feel like one. There are many ways in which a guest room can be special such as turning the bedding or a piece of furniture into a focal point.

Whether you are a homeowner considering a redesign or an interior designer in need of inspiration, this blog post is for you. Picking a color, selecting furniture, and choosing the right lighting options are just some of the many ways to make your guest room special. Here is a list of all the ways to make your guest room special.


7 Ways to Make a Special Guest Room

  1. Invest a comfortable floor futon mattress


Investing in a comfortable floor futon mattress can make your guests feel like they are at home, even if that home is thousands of miles away. A comfortable floor futon mattress will help your guests be able to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.


MAXYOYO Floor Futon Mattress is one of the most comfortable floor futon mattress in the market. It is water resistant, breathable, and has built-in memory foam. The mattress is made from high-density fiber that absorbs less than half of its weight. This mattress acts like a spring mattress, but it is more comfortable because it is made of a high-density polyester. All of these features make the MAXYOYO Floor Futon Mattress a great deal!


  1. Set Out the Necessities (travel-sized toiletries, a bottle of water)


When you have a guest staying in your home, the last thing you want to do is to make them feel uncomfortable – but that’s what many people do to guests when they don’t have travel-sized toiletries in their guest room. This can make a guest room feel foreign and unwelcoming, and your guest will feel like they are in a strange place and not completely comfortable.


To avoid this, consider setting out the necessities. This includes a towel, a few bars of soap, a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and a favorite face wash. You can also include shampoo, conditioner and a hair brush.


  1. Keep Towels in Easy Reach


One of the first signs of a well-organized home is a place for every item – especially towels. This is not only a cleaning task, but it is a design task. You can change the look of a room by making sure that you have a designated place for every item. Consider purchasing a towel holder so that you can keep your towels in easy reach. As you are putting your towels away, you'll have the added benefit of being able to see them.


  1. Give Them Some Space


When you have guests staying in your home, it’s important to have a dedicated space for them to stay. That could be a guest room, an office or a separate area. That way, your guests have their own space in which to relax.


Placing a rug in the room with the guest bed helps to make the room feel more like home. Your guests will also feel more comfortable and relaxed if they have their own bedding. You can also place a privacy curtain. You could also use a footboard, or even place a door or a window at the end of the bed.


  1. Place a Charger by the Bed


There are some ways to make your guest room feel like home. One great way is to place a charger by the bed. This way, when your guest wants to charge their phone, they can just plug it in next to their bed. This is a great way to make your guest room feel more personal.


  1. Leave a Welcome Note



When you first rent out your space, you may want to leave a welcome note for your guests. It can make the space feel more personal and can remind guests that they're not just a number. It's easy to do. Just leave a note on the bed, write on the mirror, or leave it in the bathroom. You can also use that note to give your guests some tips on navigating the space.


The note can be something as simple as, "Welcome to your room. I hope you enjoy your stay." It is also a great idea to include a picture of your family or pets on the welcome note.


  1. Add Some Amenities


If you're looking to make a guest room special, consider adding some amenities that people will appreciate. A few things you can add to your guest room to make it more special are a towel holder, a plug for charging electronics, and a throw pillow with a case.


Moreover, if you wanted to make a room for a family member who has allergies, you could buy an air purifier for the room. If you wanted to make a room for a guest with kids, you could get a pack and play.



As you may know, your guest room is the first impression your home makes on your guests, so we wanted to help you start off on the right foot. Here are some tips and tricks we discovered along the way to make your guest room feel welcoming and accommodating. We hope that it helped you out!

Because whether you have a guest staying with you for a night or many guests for an extended period of time, you should try these tips to make your guest room special for your guests.

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