Top 10 Loft Bed Ideas for Small Space

Loft beds share a similar working principle with bunk beds in that they maximize vertical space, providing a high perch for sleeping while allowing more room beneath for storage and working, among other things. Many people believe that a loft bed is a trend reserved for dorm rooms, not knowing how valuable these units are in small spaces like studio apartments.


A loft bed can range from a freestanding elevated bed with space below it for a desk or small couch to a loft apartment with a mezzanine bedroom that is easily accessible with a ladder or staircase. Keep reading to discover how to maximize your limited space to add new zones for working, storage, and relaxing by taking advantage of those high ceilings in your apartment.



Top 10 Loft Bed Ideas for Small Space


  • Japanese Floor Mattress


Conserve space with a MAXYOYO Japanese floor futon mattress that retails at a pocket-friendly price without compromising comfort. The mattress is compact enough to excel in tight spaces, and its versatility adds to its value. You can use it as a sleeping floor mat, bedroom futon, living room futon, and a guest mattress for those anticipating overnight guests.


Excellent artistry went into creating the MAXYOYO Japanese floor futon mattress. It has extra thick polyester cotton and high-quality memory foam for better support to keep the mattress from collapsing easily. Some even come with a dustproof cover, so you don't need to be alarmed by dirt buildup. That's one of the premium features of this futon mattress, and it can enhance its longevity, especially if it's rarely used.


If you want a minimalist Japanese aesthetic at a low cost, the MAXYOYO Japanese floor futon mattress is the way to go. It combines all the features you'd wish for in one package, plus it comes in all sizes and color options, so you won't miss one that compliments your needs.



  • Paris Modern


Small space calls for creativity, and a modern mezzanine bedroom built flawlessly into the eaves of a Paris rooftop apartment is one way of embracing creativity. This design makes the bed accessible by a staircase, saving precious space as opposed to typical beds that take up your floor space. Supplement that rustic design with a wall of perfectly ingrained storage to develop a functional space that leverages the high ceilings while highlighting the bare wood beams.



  • Petite Parisian



What better way to maximize space than adopting the petite Parisian design? Seamlessly integrate a loft bed into your apartment and add some dimensions to your decor by using a palette of white, green, and impeccable wood tones. Place open shelves beside the loft bed and fill them with houseplants to enrich the atmosphere while adding visual appeal when one enters the room. This design works best if installed in close proximity to the kitchenette.


  • Romantic


Get creative with a romantic loft bed to impress your beloved ones. Choose a consistent color theme in your lofted bed and add billowy curtains, vintage linens, and a chandelier fitted with lit candles to draw the eye's attention. Then use the space underneath to create a living area with a full TV, storage shelf, a chair, and an area rug.



  • Bed-Stuy Loft


A Bed-Stuy features an elevated sleeping area encircled by a semi-transparent metal to create an up-close bedroom inside the airy open space. You can make it more appealing by painting the perforated metal enclosure white.



  • Guest Cottage


Maximize your guest's cottage by creating a loft space in one of the corners below the ceiling. While adding a blue paint palette and stained wood adds to the cost, it blends the loft bed into the background on the cottage's rear wall. This leaves a lot of living space in the middle of the room.



  • Tiny


Though a small loft bed design can't afford much headroom, it optimizes floor space without interfering with the room's flow to keep the whole footprint small. Create a comfortable staircase to access the sleeping area and add some black and white palette decor to give the illusion of a sleek and contemporary feel. You'll get adequate storage space plus the added benefit of being right above the kitchen for late-night treats.



  • Cozy


A loft bed is a great alternative to free up space if you live in a small space and are not willing to part with your stuff. Transform your limited square footage into a cozy room with a typical loft bed accessible by a solid ladder. Add a blend of high-end finishes encompassing rich stained wood, bare bricks, bold blue decors, and crisp white walls. Interesting, right?



  • Striking Staircase


With this design, you can install a sophisticated loft bed that's accessible by a striking metal staircase to convert your restricted apartment space into a fully functional and fashionable space with a sensation of splendor.  



  • All White


Many apartments have insufficient closet space, which is a drawback to those with plenty of stuff. Fear not! You can convert the area under the bed into a closet to accommodate all your possessions. Set up a loft bed that you can access using the stairs around the kitchenette or right over the dining area. Then adopt an all white color scheme to help your small space feel cohesive.  



  • Go Green


Take creativity to the next level by setting up a loft bed right above the bathroom and entry of your apartment. Spruce up the space with fresh green paint that supplements the interior decor to give it a pride of place. Don't over-decorate the room: instead, install floating shelves against the wall near the loft bed and fill it with plants to give you the impression of nature.



  • Freestanding


Install a freestanding double loft bed with an encompassed desk to optimize space. This design offers a second comfortable sleeping area for adults and can be accessed by a wooden staircase. Use vintage wood to add a touch of minimalism and area rugs to define space in your apartment.


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