Tips on Sleeping With a Partner Impacts your Hormones

Getting to bed with your beloved one presents some difficulties. One of you frequently tosses and turns all night long or must sleep with the TV on, whereas the other can't. Whatever the case, we've all had similar experiences.


The good news is that sleeping with your partner is alright, as it comes with numerous benefits, some of which you may not be aware of. This guide discusses the hormonally-charged facts of sharing a bed with your partner. Please read along for more clarity on this discussion.



How Sleeping with a Partner Impacts Your Hormones


Spending hours in bed with the love of your life is among the best things you can do together. And we're not just touching on the exploits you might encounter in a romance novel. The benefits of sleeping together, particularly with your loved one, can significantly impact your well-being and your relationship's health.


Given below are the hormonally-charged facts that come with sleeping with your loved one.



  • Sleeping with a partner may reduce stress.


Oxytocin, also called "the love hormone," can be released when you sleep with someone you love. This chemical compound (aka the love hormone) prompts feelings of relaxation, empathy, trust, and reduced anxiety.


Oxytocin levels rise when you make physical contact with your partner, including making out, cuddling, and holding hands. In turn, those feelings of security and calmness help you to sleep more easily.


Research shows that cuddling raises your oxytocin levels and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. So try as much as possible to get physical, but with your partner's consent, for the best sleep and health.



  • It may help women fight against sleep apnea.



Sleeping with a partner reduces stress and increases the production of estrogen, which has proved to fight against sleep apnea in women. Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that can halt your breathing while sleeping. Unfortunately, menopause will eradicate that bonus.


Low estrogen, often combined with menopause, can negatively affect your sleep. So, as a lady, get your partner close to boost your estrogen level regardless of your life stage.


  • It could lower your blood pressure.


Oxytocin is not only good at reducing stress. Recent research has proved that oxytocin release when cuddling with your loved one can help you relax and reduce your blood pressure. Given oxytocin can promote better sleep and lessen blood pressure; those enduring high blood pressure should consider sleeping with their partners.


Poor sleep raises your blood pressure level and aggravates your current high blood pressure.



  • The impact on REM sleep


Here comes another bonus! Sleeping next to your partner can improve your REM sleep. Rapid eye movement, or REM, is the phase in sleep when you start dreaming and is associated with emotion regulation. Recent research done by Sleep Review Magazine shows that sleeping together promotes more than 10% of REM sleep as opposed to sleeping apart.


Other results showed that partners who shared the same bed had an average of 22 minutes of REM sleep which is 10 minutes more than those who slept apart.



  • More Restorative Sleep


Sharing a bed with your lover will make you experience restorative sleep, which is critical for brain health. Most researchers have found that sex improves sleep quality and boosts your likelihood of sleeping. In women, sex increases estrogen levels, enhancing the REM stage and promoting deeper sleep.


  • Makes us happier


Being physically closer to your partner can make you feel happier, and there's a logic behind this reasoning. Touching your lover releases dopamine and serotonin, which can curb depression and enhance your mood.


When dopamine, a critical chemical messenger to your brain, is produced in large amounts, it makes you feel pleasure. Serotonin, also called the happy chemical, can be converted into melatonin by your body immediately after it's produced. This influences your sleep/wake cycle, which is why you feel high every morning.



  • Slows down aging


Do you know there is a convenient way to look and feel more youthful without a stack of cosmetics? In fact, it's free and involves you sleeping with someone you treasure the most. Quality time together making out and cuddling can slow down your rate of aging.



How Your Mattress Plays a Role in Partner Sleeping


Everyone has preferences when choosing what they need or want in a mattress. And as stated earlier, the end of a woman's period is inevitable, and it comes with side effects such as reduced estrogen, among others.


Women often endure night sweats during the time leading up to the end of their period. This makes a mattress's temperature quite integral. At this point in life, it pays to have a cooling mattress. And it doesn't end there.


There exist many factors for partners that have to be addressed. For instance, if your partner is relentless, you'll need a mattress that isolates motion to avoid feeling each of their moves and has good edge support to maximize the bed's full area. Some couples are accustomed to sex, which necessitates a mattress with an excellent bounce level to get the endorphins flowing flawlessly.


Whatever you experience: pain, romance, or position, there's always a mattress to match your interests. It's upon you whether you want to sacrifice for a choice that befits both of you or go to extreme lengths to choose a completely customized mattress like the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress.



Try to Sleep on Futon Mattress with Your Partner



Getting the right mattress to share with your partner is essential to achieve high-quality sleep. But finding a mattress that meets the sleeper's comfort and support preferences can prove difficult.


A good mattress for partners should isolate motion to reduce sleep disruptions while being suitable for sexual activity. Thankfully, that's what you get from a futon mattress. And not just any futon, but the best MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress.


MAXYOYO is a well-known brand in the mattress industry, with years of experience producing high-quality Japanese futon mattresses. Their mattress is specially designed to provide maximum comfort and support for all body types and sleep positions.


One of their popular products, the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress, has steady airflow and a cooling cover to improve temperature control. The dense foam layers create a supportive hybrid design, and the medium firmness offers enough cushioning so you won't sink too much.


Generally, the feel of the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress strikes a balance that is compelling for partners, all at a reasonable price tag. Try it with your partner. No regrets!

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