The Best Queen Futon Mattresses You'll Love in 2022

Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are halfway between a bed and a sofa. They provide both functionalities but still maintain their uniqueness as different products. Futon mattresses are usually made from cotton or polyester, but other materials, like wool, may also be used.

The distinctive feature of these mattresses is that they are thinner than standard mattresses and can be easily folded into a sofa position or used as a bed in the open position. In many households, this Japanese mattress acts as the main bedding; in others, it is folded up and kept aside for guest use only. You can also use it only as a sofa.

It is significantly inexpensive compared to typical beds and mattresses. Moreover, their various sizes make them perfect for use in compact spaces and in bigger houses. If you have your eye on one of these for your home, here are the best choices in queen-size futon mattresses this year. Keep reading.

Top 5 Best Queen-Size Futon Mattress

The queen-size futon mattress is usually around 60 by 80 inches, making it an excellent fit for families and couples. However, there are numerous choices in queen-size futon mattresses with variations in several factors. This can get confusing quickly.

So, you must keep in mind a few factors before buying a futon mattress, such as the size, the material, the stuffing, the frame, and your budget as well. In keeping with all the essential factors, these are the five best choices for queen-size futon mattresses.    

  • Maxyoyo Queen Futon Mattress

Maxyoyo HYPERLINK "MAXYOYO Futon Mattress comes in solid colors as well as prints. The size is the usual 60 by 80 inches. The outer cover of this mattress is made of excellent quality polyester, which is also used for inner filling. The mattress also has an added layer of soft padding on top of the stuffing to ensure great circulation throughout the night or day. The padded layer also reduces pressure on the body for a comfortable resting period.

There is reinforced support along the edges of the mattress to provide the utmost protection for breakdown. The main foam used in this mattress is high-density with a strong base support, and it comes between the top layers of cover and quilting and the same ones on the bottom. The firm base support foam is specially built to help with body fatigue and relaxation.

This versatile mattress is made with extra fine stitches, so you can be assured of the long lifecycle of this futon mattress by Maxyoyo in queen size. Use it as carpet, bedding, or sofa, or keep it for the guests. This one is sure to provide the worth of its bucks.   

  • Gold Bond Queen Futon Mattress

The Gold bond queen futon mattress is made from one of the purest cotton blends in the world, which gives it the capability of retaining its shape and texture for a long time. Not only is the outer cover made from cotton, but the internal filling is a pure cotton blend as well, providing more firmness and support.

There are two layers of super soft foam in the middle. Both the foam and the cotton are compressed by applying a high-pressure range. This gives the mattress extra durability and strength for great comfort.

The seams of this futon mattress have double layers of fine stitches to prevent it from ripping apart. With a wide range of selections in colors, the Gold bond queen-size futon mattress is a great choice for your home.

  • Molblly Queen Mattress

The Molblly Queen mattress has a distinctive feature of all layers made of foam. There is a 2-inch layer of memory foam, another 2 inches of comfortable foam, and a 6 inches layer of high-density base support foam. This ensures maximum comfort for you.

It comes with a high-quality, luxurious cover but also provides durability and efficiency on the side. The fabrics used for the cover are safe and healthy for the skin. The memory foam has maximum airflow and remains cool and comfortable throughout. Moreover, the foams do not sink quickly and provide pressure relief.

Another great characteristic of this mattress is that it does not transfer motion, so couples can enjoy undisturbed sleep. You will receive the fully compressed and folded mattress so you can fit and move it through small spaces. Moblly queen mattress makes for another top choice in our list.

  • CHITA Queen Size Futon Mattress

CHITA queen-size futon mattress is built on five layers for maximum comfort and relaxation. The top layer is the outer cover made from ice-cooling fabric. The second layer is made of gel memory foam with high levels of breathability. Another 3 inches of the layer is added to support the weight. The next one is another 8-inch layer to back up the support for the weight. Finally, the outer cover is on the mattress to prevent the mattress from slipping and sliding.

About 50% of the surface of the mattress cover is full of cooling particles. This combines with the gel foam layer to provide comfort, airflow, and coolness. The packaging is rolled and compressed for smooth mobility.

  • FULI Queen Size Futon Mattress

The FULI queen-size mattress is usually used as a floor mattress. It can be easily folded up during the day to save space. The mattress cover is made from cotton, while the internal filling is polyester and polyurethane. This is a traditional Japanese-style futon mattress. The material is soft and breathable yet firm for a great support.

This futon mattress is made from three layers which provide maximum support for relieving body pain and pressure. A great choice for compact spaces and a comfortable night's sleep.

futon mattress


There are several benefits of switching to a futon mattress. It provides an improved sleep cycle and adjusts better to your posture. While there are several options for futon mattresses, not every option is made equal. Material, size, and layers determine the comfort level of the mattress.

This list of top five futon mattresses provides the best selection for your home. You can choose from several colors and, in some cases, prints. Read it well before picking a suitable one so you can sleep like a baby.

 futon mattress


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    Which queen size mattress can be used on my queen sofa bed. I would like one that folds for storage during day. Thank you.

  • Pamela Pearson

    I’m looking for a super thick mattress to use as a bed, queen size, for me.

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