The Best Futon Mattress to Use on the Floor

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Futon mattresses are both adaptable and comfy. For a more minimalist look, some put a futon mattress on the floor instead of one on a frame. 


Others forego a standard mattress in favor of a thin floor futon mattress in the hopes of alleviating back pain. 


Then there is the more frequent use of a futon mattress, such as entertaining guests or going camping.

Traditional Japanese Futons


The Japanese floor futon sparked the futon revolution. When not in use, these mattresses are put immediately on the floor and quickly rolled up and tucked away. 


Despite being at floor level, many people believe them to be among the most comfortable futons to sleep on. They're packed with layers of cotton, polyester fiber, foam, and other materials that give some comfort, but a floor futon will still feel harder than a soft pillowtop mattress.


Early Japanese futon beds were filled with reeds, hay, or even animal fur. Most futon mattress models now have a foam filling, innerspring, or a mix of foam and coils.


Ironically, when it initially became popular in Japan, the futon was not a cheap piece of furniture. This style of the sofa bed was only available to privileged members of the ruling class.


They are still useful today since they may be used as both beds and sofas, although they are generally less expensive than both beds and couches.

What Is a Futon Mattress Made Of?


Futon mattress covers are often made of cotton or polyester. The filing system would have to be adjustable enough to fold up into a couch position or have portions that enable simple bed-to-sofa conversions.


Some futon mattresses are filled with foam, while others employ miniature innerspring or a coil design. Meanwhile, the futon frames are made of wood, metal, or a weight-bearing combination.


Some futon mattresses are cushioned with foam, whereas others are cushioned with memory foam. Most models have a standard foam or coil mattress with a thinner top layer made of memory foam. Futons can also be found with a hybrid of foam and innerspring or coils.

futon mattress

How Durable Is a Futon Mattress?


The longevity of a futon mattress is determined by its quality and how it is used. Futon mattresses generally have a lifespan of five to ten years. If you just use them rarely, they will last longer.


For example, if the futon is solely used as a guest bed, it may survive for ten years or more. However, if you use it as a normal bed or the primary couch in your house, the mattress may wear out after around five years.


Is a Futon Mattress Right for Me? 


When it comes to mattresses versus futons, don't make a hasty decision. Futons have been used by the Japanese for a very long period. The Japanese used to sleep on the floor on tatami mats, with just a rough pillow to support their heads. 


To increase comfort and experiment with colored bedding, a soft foldable mattress was added to this sleeping setup. The futon is not as unpleasant as those who have always used beds may believe. It does, however, take some getting used to.


How a Futon Mattress Can Improve Your Health 


According to research, a relatively firm sleeping surface helps to avoid back problems. We understand you adore your bed, but give the futon a try. Over time, the Japanese have lived longer and healthier lives. 


Could it be due in part to sleeping on a futon? Maybe. A firm surface keeps the spine upright and lowers the likelihood of back discomfort every time you wake up. Furthermore, sleeping on futons has been beneficial to pregnant women. 


As a result, the feared backache was the least of their concerns. To obtain the appropriate degree of comfort, add another soft layer.


Difference between high-end and low-end futon mattresses


Futons are typically recliners that also serve as guest beds. They're frequently linked with college dorms because most alternatives are inexpensive and come with wafer-thin mattresses. Given its history, such a relationship makes obvious sense. 


Futon mattresses are now available with springs, foam, or a soft filling such as cotton. Cheap futons sometimes come with low-quality cotton mattresses that are so thin that you can feel the futon frame below. The most comfortable futon mattress alternatives are often made of high-density foam with appropriate depth to absorb frame pressure.


In general, the thicker, the better. If you want to use your futon for sitting, these thicker mattresses are more cumbersome to fold up, but they are also more supportive and comfy for sleeping. Before purchasing a mattress for your futon bed, consider how you intend to use it. It's also crucial to evaluate your specific sleep requirements because what works for someone else may induce aches and problems for you.


The Best Futon Mattress to Use on the Floor


We recommend the Maxyoyo floor futon mattress for a Japanese futon mattress that most closely matches those used for centuries in Japan. The Japanese Traditional floor Futon is handcrafted by skilled artisans, earning it our pick for Most Authentic. 


The outside fabric is 100% hygroscopic cotton, while the batting is 100% polyester. It is just 1.5 to 1.75 inches thick, which is typical for authentic Japanese mattresses. The Maxyoyo floor futon mattress is offered in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes, with a Super Grade option that provides extra fill in the Twin XL and Full sizes. The Maxyoyo floor futon mattress will have a firm sensation regardless of the size or grade you choose. Dry cleaning is recommended.


Futons are wonderful for saving space in compact living areas, making your office or playroom more versatile, or just providing an extra location for your friends to crash into your living room.


You really should think about the brand of futon floor you desire to purchase. While certain brands may be less expensive, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Quality brands like Maxyoyo are highly regarded for their durability, so if they fit within your budget, it's worth paying extra for them.

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