Perfect Apartment Layout Ideas

With surging real estate costs, most people are being priced out of procuring a traditional home and are resorting to dwelling in apartments. Besides offering an affordable housing option, apartments have a handful of other intriguing benefits. For example, they have a minimal environmental impact on utility usage compared to a traditional home.


Apartments come with limited space, but that's not to say it has to feel like dorm rooms. There are various innovative ways to make your apartment feel spacious. Indeed, it's only possible to mysteriously increase your apartment's size if you demolish your neighbor's walls. However, with some space planning and the best furnishings, you can optimize every inch of space to create a home that reflects your taste and personality.


Consider the apartment layout ideas below, which accurately testify that the possibilities are endless, even with limited space.



Perfect Apartment Layout Ideas


Let's jump in!



  • Turn Your Studio into a Boutique Hotel


If you're usually busy and your home merely serves as a showering, sleeping, and unwinding place, consider styling your apartment to resemble a boutique hotel room. Fill your apartment with stylish features like those available in modern lodgings. For example, you can opt for a few pieces of retro furniture to add instant appeal, then put a carefully selected minibar to seal the deal.



  • Lofty Aspirations


A loft bed can do wonders with a high ceiling. It can create a more habitable space which gives the impression of a one-bedroom. Choose white walls and maintain this color theme to create an open and airy effect. It would also help to choose metal and leather accents to prevent the white interior decor from becoming monotonous. If you are overwhelmed with storage, you can opt for the staircase with ingrained drawers. However, if you borrow this idea, it's best to incorporate handrails for safety.



  • Make Binge Watching Better


Set up separate living areas to create the illusion of more extensive square footage. But this begs the question: how much space should you allot to each area? Choose what brings you joy at home. And if you'd like to invite friends over the weekend for a movie, you can sacrifice the bedroom and dining area to create a sizable living room fit for a binge-watching party.


If your letting agent denies that you can't paint your walls, don't worry. Install a detachable peel-and-stick wallpaper to brighten your dull walls without compromising the damage deposit.



  • Presto, Change-o Layout


You can make your apartment feel twice as big as it is by keeping the layout fluid. Use multifunctional furniture such as a modular sofa or an expansive coffee table to convert your living room into a dining area quickly.



  • Rethink the Foot of the Bed


Another practical way to establish a little distinction between the sleeping and living area is to put furniture close to the foot of your bed. A sofa or desk can do the trick as it will create an open space, making your house feel spacious. If your apartment has an entryway or hallway, keep your living room tidy and organized by placing storage and display furniture at the entry point.



  • Curtains


If you're tired of staring at the kitchen in the comfort of your couch or bed, consider zoning your room to create a sense of privacy in your sleeping area. Various things can get the job done in no time, from built-in sliding doors to folding screens. However, curtains are the best room dividers when it comes to privacy. Opt for the current trend and ensure your curtains complement the interior decor.



  • Work Every Nook


Take advantage of every nook to create distinctive living areas. Choose a small recess at the edge of your room to place the bed and additional storage. A protruding wall space right in front of the kitchen's entrance can make an incredible breakfast nook. Define the living room with a small sofa and a rug to enhance the sense of isolation between the zones mentioned above.



  • Rethink Your Bed and Use Roll up Floor Mattress


The way you position your bed dictates how spacious your apartment will feel. And as previously stated, you can put furniture in front of your bed's foot to establish an open and airy effect.


Use a roll-up floor mattress like the MAXYOYO floor futon for a great night's sleep. We recommend this mattress for good reasons. First, it is packed with exceptional features that outperform traditional mattresses. For example, the mattress has high-quality memory filling to keep it soft and comfortable, which in turn helps in aligning your body.


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Each size has unique characteristics, and you're assured of finding one that befits your needs. If you intend to save space, the twin-sized one may be for you. And the good thing is you can roll up the mattress to store it, plus you can use one side as a temporary pillow by partially unfolding it. This is a bonus for those who watch movies while eating snacks.



  • Don't be Alarmed by Low Ceiling


Designating spaces in a box-shaped apartment for different purposes can prove difficult, especially with low ceilings. But the solution is to use the appropriate pieces of furniture. Furnish your apartment with a blend of low-profile and leggy finds. This will make your low ceiling seem higher since the furnishings only consume a little vertical space. Try placing a full-sized bed close to a low-profile or mid-century couch to add extra seating while making the window and ceiling look taller. Lastly, use a room divider at the front of the bed to create a dining nook.


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