My secret to a good night's sleep - futon mattress

futon mattress

I learned the hard way that a comfortable mattress could do wonders to your mind and body. And so, to save others reading this from the same horrible backache and trouble, I'd suggest you give this a read.

So, initially, while I always knew I could get a good night's sleep with a comfortable mattress, the idea was never really on my priority list, especially since I was relocating from one city in the US to another and already had enough on my plate.

An Expensive Mistake

When I was a relocation to a whole new place, I thought of getting myself a new mattress as well to pair with my new furniture. Little did I know, I was making one of the most expensive mistakes of my life. We got the mattress and had it all set up, but the new few weeks after that purchase was horrible! My kid was whining all night long, and no matter how timely I slept, I'd wake up with a back that'd hurt all day long.

Obviously, once I realized that my "new" mattress was the source of all this trouble, I quickly went online, talked to a couple of friends, and found the one thing that changed the way I slept. The MaxYoyo padded Japanese floor mattress was the bedding of my dreams. And since it's multipurpose, I could use it as a mattress topper too. Plus, since I had already made an expensive mattress purchase, I just wanted something to put on top of it instead of replacing it completely.

And the Mattress Topper that Saved Me

I placed an order online requesting urgent delivery and received the package in four days later.Just from unpacking it, I could sense that this was what I had been looking for all along. The mattress topper was enclosed in a cover with sturdy packaging. My first impression right off the bat was that it's super portable.  

 futon mattress

Now, a tiny disclaimer, I had just relocated and set up my bed, so you can see that my walls are bare, and there's literally nothing on my nightstands. Plus, in all the relocating chaos, I didn't have the time to filter the images up or set up lighting, so what you see is just unfiltered pictures taken in daylight. Now, while this doesn't speak much about my dedication, it speaks multitudes about the product because you can see that even without any touchups and whatnot, it looks spectacular!


Here's What I Love the Most!

Now, here's the part that I loved the most about it. If you're someone who's thinking of getting this as a floor mattress, there'd be times when you would want to store it away, right? Maybe you need to clean the room or need space for something else. And this product comes with just the right solution.

As you can see, there are belts provided with the mattress. So, anytime you want to get it out of your sight for whatever possible reason, you can simply curl it up, secure it with the belts, put it in the packaging, and it's ready to be stored away! The best part is that it doesn't even take up a lot of space!

futon mattress

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