Make Full Use of your Small Apartment Balcony

Make Full Use of your Small Apartment Balcony


Most city dwellers agree that having a balcony is a significant benefit, no matter how small. For some, it is a key determinant when looking for apartments to rent. They might tell you that a balcony is their preferred spot in their house: a place more than just setting up a chair and calling it a day. Unfortunately, many people miss this opportunity because they live a busy lifestyle or are sidetracked with other commitments.


However, an unsightly balcony can be tragic regardless of the size. So if you're basically using your balcony as a burial ground for dead plants or a storage place for your trash and broken outdoor furniture, it's time to upgrade it into an irresistible hangout for entertaining, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book, relaxing and caring for plants. Read on to discover different ways to maximize your small apartment balcony.



Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony


If you're fortunate enough to have a balcony in your apartment, here are ways to make it a cozy retreat, no matter how tiny it is. Sure, you'll enjoy the slightly deflected rays of sunlight while retaining all the comforts of home within arm's reach.



  • Affordable Floor Mattress for Balcony


What are your thoughts on sleeping on a floor futon mattress? You may find it absurd because they are not particularly huge like traditional mattresses. Still, this Japanese way of life consolidates great build quality and reinforced support to provide optimal comfort. There are numerous futon mattresses on the market, but we recommend the MAXYOYO floor futon mattress owing to its features that pay homage to the Japanese way of life.   


It combines all features into a single package, so you relax and enjoy morning coffee and deflected rays from the comfort of your balcony. The best part? This mattress is durable and can resist dynamic stresses such as dust buildup, meaning you don't have to worry about it degrading prematurely. The cover is made of high-quality polyester. The inner filling is memory foam and polyester, which work jointly to relieve physical fatigue and enhance body weight distribution: a bonus for back sleepers.


Make full use of your small apartment balcony by opting for a low-cost floor mattress from MAXYOYO.



  • Solid Fabric Privacy Screen


Install a solid fabric privacy screen to protect yourself from excessive sunlight and wind. Simply place a cloth over the structure and secure it to provide additional privacy without spending a fortune. Another idea is to hang bamboo shades that you can raise and lower when necessary, denying onlookers a full view of your balcony.



  • Perfectly Placed Plants


Create an intimate corner in your apartment balcony with a weatherproof trellis with climbers such as sweet peas and saucer plants. A space-saving trellis will display the majesty of mother nature no matter the size of your balcony. Place hanging plant boxes on the fence and small potted plants in the corner to showcase greenery.



  • Added Style and Function



Who doesn't appreciate easy projects that add function and style to their surroundings? Including stylish and functional elements such as plant stands is critical. Put different heights to enable all plants to be seen, which adds a more decorative element than it would have been if the plants were on the ground.


You can also come up with a perfect in-home storage by first decluttering the area, then adding shelves and cabinets and establishing the storing theme. Be sure to organize everything; otherwise, your improvised storage unit will resort to chaos.



  • Friendship Furniture and Egg-shaped Chair



Instead of using an average set of chairs, choose something more whimsical, such as an egg-shaped chair. The chair consumes little space without being too overwhelming on your current space. Place flower baskets in the corner to add a beautiful decorative element that consolidates everything together.


Install alternating deck tiles to make your floor more aesthetic. By now, you should have realized that adding details defines your space better, visually widening it. Instead of using multiple pieces of furniture, go for multipurpose and collapsible furniture that's as dynamic as your preferences. This eliminates the need to designate a reading nook or a sunroom.


A couple of foldable tables and chairs create the illusion of palatial dimensions on your apartment balcony. More importantly, it helps you fulfill your limited space's aesthetic requirements. Remember to incorporate lights and mirrors. Mirrors will make the area seem larger, while lights will set the tone. Whether you choose modern bulbs or candles, lighting will add value.



  • Beautiful Floor Tile



Consider outdoor tile if you're interested in a long-term solution to conceal an unsightly balcony floor. Use charming blue and white geometric or playful patterns that command your outdoor space. You can as well offer your balcony floor the red-carpet treatment with rugs for a contemporary vibe. Ensure your rugs drain out between rains to keep water from damaging your balcony floor.



  • Add Personal Touches


When styling your balcony, a few elements will be shared between your and others' spaces. They include tables and chairs, plants, and some lighting. However, you should not feel obligated to replicate other spaces to have a fashionable balcony: it should represent your taste.


Choose a delightful decoration that complements the overall theme. Place a small table in the center space and cover it with a vintage-style tablecloth to add visual appeal. You can also keep plenty of plants nearby alongside other small decor items to make a difference.



  • Colorful and Classic Bistro Set


Having a tiny balcony does not automatically disqualify you from going all out with colors. Use vibrant colors and small surrounding houseplants to make your balcony a one-of-a-kind place to hang out and unwind.



  • A little Urban Jungle



Transforming your balcony into a mini-urban jungle can be a safe bet to play. Create a lush and intimate balcony by placing greenery and seasonal flowers. Put flower boxes to conceal the railing and a tiny accent table and chair to relax while watching the city view. Consider a large umbrella to create enough shade to shield you from the sun's rays.

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