How to Transport Your Mattress Safely When Moving

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If you're relocating, you'll have to lug your mattress along too. Though it seems daunting ( especially when done alone ), transporting a mattress can be more efficient and less stressful once you know how to do it.


Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to transporting your mattress safely, including tips for resetting it or storing it properly.


Moving the Mattress


Step 1: Measure the mattress to decide on the method of moving it


Use a tape measure to determine your mattress's dimensions: length, width, and height. Knowing your mattress's measurements is critical to decide on how much space you'll need in the car, how much space you'll need to transport it, and the mattress bag size that will accommodate it.


Step 2: Wrap the mattress in a plastic mattress bag to protect it


Begin by stripping down your mattress and lifting it off the box spring or bed frame. After that, slide the mattress into the mattress bag and use packing tape to seal it. To secure the bag, you'll need to fold down its edges with tape and seal around the top, middle, and beneath your mattress in a zigzag pattern.  


  • If you're transporting the mattress by yourself, consider double-bagging it to avoid eroding the mattress bag as you drag it along the way.
  • Suppose you have a box spring, wrap it up similarly.


Step 3: Make a way to move the mattress.


Clear the path you'll use to remove your mattress from the house and into the vehicle. Examine possible barriers and clear them out of the way, such as hanging pictures, breakable items, power cords, and so on.


  • Also, prepare your vehicle by clearing enough space, opening the doors, and pushing down seats to maximize space if applicable.


Step 4: Seek help


You can transport a mattress yourself, but it's much more efficient when someone helps you carry it. Mattresses are bulky and may flop around when transported, so it's advisable to do it with 2 to 3 individuals.


  • If you can't find someone to help, consider hiring hourly professional movers.
  • If you opt to transport your mattress without assistance, ensure you have multiple large pieces of cardboard or dolly to assist you along the way.


Step 5: Use a dolly to push the mattress


Begin by turning your mattress until it's upright, then load it onto your dolly. After that, you can roll the dolly out to the waiting vehicle. If your mattress is floppy, enforce it by putting two large cardboard sheets on either side and securing them with tie-down straps before rolling them on the dolly.


  • Step 6: Flip the mattress on its side
  • Though it requires more pulling, y

ou can move your mattress without a dolly. Turn the mattress onto its side and slide a large chunk of cardboard under it. After that, continue placing cardboard sheets along the path to your car and slither the mattress all the way out of your house.


Step 7: Carry the mattress by its crevices


At this point, you should have a friend to help you carry the mattress. Stand at one point of the mattress and have your friend stand at the other. Turn the mattress horizontally and firmly hold it beneath its bottom corner. Bend your knees to lift the mattress from your legs to reduce strain. Hold the mattress near your body as you move but avoid raising it beyond shoulder height.


  • Lifting the mattress with your back can strain your muscles.
  • Confer with your helper to ensure you all raise the mattress simultaneously. This keeps one of you from lifting more weight.


Step 8: Position your mattress next to the wall


If you encounter stairs while transporting your mattress, you'll need to align It with the stair rail and stay behind it. Tilt the mattress gently and slide it down the stairs from above. Allow gravity to do most of the work here! All you need to do is steer.

 MAXYOYO Floor Futon Mattress

Loading and Securing the Mattress


Step 1: Take the mattress into the back of your car

Try fixing the mattress into your car because it will be safer than securing it to the car's roof. Slide the mattress into the rear of your vehicle through the trunk and position it as flat as possible, pushing down the seats to create space as needed.


Step 2: Tie the mattress on top of your car for transportation


Raise your mattress and slide it onto the car's roof. A roof rack is the most convenient way to carry a mattress on top of your vehicle. But if you don't have a roof rack, lay your mattress across the car's roof and secure ratchet straps across its front, center, and back.


Step 3: Place your mattress inside a moving truck


Lift your mattress off the ground and into the moving vehicle's cargo hold. Start by raising one end of the mattress onto the car and then push from behind to load it entirely. Place your mattress flat on the truck's bed without placing anything above it if necessary. This will protect your mattress's integrity during transportation.  


Unpacking the mattress


Remove the mattress bag by cutting the packing tape with a sharp object upon arrival. Lay the mattress flat next to an open window with sufficient sunlight. You'll want to place your mattress in a separate room to air out as you set up other furniture in the slumberland. Then, dust the mattress with baking soda and let it stay for nearly 2 hours.


Lastly, spray the mattress with a light mist of disinfectant to remove stray germs, wipe off the surface and let it dry completely. Here's how to store your mattress:


  • Clean the mattress.
  • Cover your mattress with a mattress bag for protection against dust and contaminants.
  • Keep the mattress flat without placing anything above it.
  • Keep the mattress from high temperatures and humidity.


Buying a Futon Mattress for Your Move


Comfortable sleep is critical for your mental and physical health, so choosing a mattress that will enable you to sleep all night soundly is better. Maxyoyo futon mattress is among the best mattresses on sale. It is made from polyester and microfiber fillings, making it the best.


The mattress comes in all sizes: twin, queen, and full. You can use it as a base for your bed or a nap on your couch. Interestingly, the Maxyoyo futon floor mattress saves space; it's easy to use and can be washed. The mattress is also lightweight, so you can move it easily when necessary. Here are some factors to consider when buying your futon mattress:


  • Easy storage


Choose a futon mattress that can be stored and transported easily. But ensure that at least six inches of thickness is maintained. After all, the mattress's weight determines its flexibility, firmness, and storage.


  • Purpose


Manufacturers offer many options with a wide range of prices. Hopefully, you're aware that a futon mattress is a budget-friendly option compared to its counterparts. Therefore, choose a cost-effective option if you intend to use your futon mattress for occasional sleeping. But if you need a futon mattress for daily sleeping, it would be better to go for the value-oriented versions.


  • Choose a frame or not.


A futon mattress for regular sleeping should have a stable frame to expand its lifespan. A well-built frame will reinforce your futon mattress while using it daily. But you can skip it if you're a rare user. Because the frame consumes a lot of space, you'll have extra space without one.

MAXYOYO Floor Futon Mattress

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