How to Stay Cool While Sleeping

Having trouble sleeping at night during a heat wave? You are not alone. Getting hot while sleeping is normal, as many people experience this every night. But it is critical to get enough quality sleep because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and prepares you for a productive day ahead.


Many factors, from your mattress to your bedding, underlying health conditions, and room temperature, can impact your sleep. However, one of the common culprits during summer is the heat. While air conditioners can offer instant cooling relief, allowing you to have a restful night, they drive up your electricity bill and strain the power grid.


Whether you're a hot sleeper, who wants more than simply an AC unit or lacks central air conditioning, all hope for a good night's sleep is still possible. We've outlined the best things to keep cool while sleeping, so keep reading to find out.



Top 5 Best Cooling Sleep Products


When the temperature exceeds the normal range, some sheets, pillows, and mattresses wick moisture away better than others, keeping you comfy overnight. Check out the following bedding options that can come in handy during warm weather.



  • Futon Mattress


Despite being significantly thinner than a traditional mattress, futons can deliver excellent back support to align your spine, relieving back pain. They are also handy for unexpected overnight visitors and can serve many other functions owing to their versatility. Above all, futon mattresses are designed to keep you cool throughout the night because of the materials used in their construction.


While many users highly fancy futon mattresses, some do not deliver as advertised. This means you need a reputable brand that's keen on customer satisfaction, and that's where MAXYOYO comes to the rescue. This reputable brand offers quality futons like the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress, which embodies what a quality futon offers: comfort, convenience, and affordability.


Unlike other futons that tend to trap heat, the MAXYOYO futon mattress's breathability keeps things cool. It is specially quilted with a weave of breathable materials, allowing heat to circulate away from your body. The best part is the mattress is available in a handful of styles, sizes, and color options: this is something you can count on, especially if you're a design enthusiast.



  • Cooling Topper


Research shows that the suitable temperature for sleeping is roughly 65 degrees Fahrenheit. While numerous factors influence your sleeping environment's temperature, the essence of your mattress should not be overlooked. Mattresses that do not encourage adequate airflow can trap body heat, denying you precious moments of sleep.


If you suspect your mattress bears responsibility for your restless nights but are reluctant to buy a new one, a cooling mattress topper could make a difference in your sleep quality. These bedding accessories are made of components that draw heat away from your body, such as wool, gel memory foam, and latex. At only 2-4 inches thick, mattress toppers provide a cooler surface for a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • Cooling Sheets


Overheating in bed can impair your sleep quality, and non-breathable sheets can worsen matters. Sheets are among the most critical components of bedding, and the right ones can be a quick fix to keeping your body temperature comfortable. It's best to invest in soft cooling sheets that feel almost weightless on your body.


  • Latex Pillow


There has been a substantial rise in different pillow types on the market, giving users more options than the standard fiber pillow. Latex pillow is among the well-known pillow styles. These pillows, often crafted from shredded latex, deliver the silky smoothness of a traditional polyfill pillow with added firmness and flexibility.


Latex pillows eliminate the need to struggle to search for the cool side of your pillow as you sleep. They are configured to permit heat to radiate away from your body while wicking moisture away. This promotes maximum comfort, which is why most users appreciate them for their ability to keep the body temperature regulated.  


  • Cool Sleeping Mask


A sleeping mask blocks out light while you sleep and can be helpful for shift workers who often sleep during the day. A cool sleep mask should be exceptionally smooth to avoid causing creases around your eyes. It should also not feel too heavy but have an oversize design to cover your eyes to promote sleep in any context.


Sleep masks are helpful for hot sleepers and anyone seeking relief from dry eyes, migraines, sinus pressure, or dark circles.


Factors That May Make it Extremely Hot to Sleep


The leading cause of tossing and turning all night is a high temperature. Knowing what causes your temperature to rise while you sleep will help you decide what intervention to take to enhance your sleep quality.


Given below are three reasons you may be finding it difficult to regulate your temperature at night:


  • Your Bedding: if you tend to overheat throughout the night, invest in lighter and cooler mattress toppers and bed sheets. Thick bed sheets absorb body heat and are only ideal for winter months.


  • The Room Temperature: if you have poor airflow or air conditioning, your room may be blistering. Examine whether other factors, such as blackout curtains, elevate your room temperature by trapping warm air.


  • Health Conditions: Night sweats differ from sweating overnight. Sweating at night can be caused by environmental factors such as a hot bedroom or a heavy blanket. In most cases, removing the blanket, wearing loose clothes, and using a bedside or ceiling fan to promote airflow will solve the problem. On the other hand, night sweating is often linked with an underlying medical condition.


Fabrics to Steer Clear Of the Bed When it's Hot


Memory foam mattress toppers are bound to retain heat, which you don't need during summer. If you want a mattress with a breathable topper, look no further than the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress, which has supportive and breathable components to allow proper airflow all night.


Memory foam pillows may also encourage overheating. Such insulating bedding options should be kept in the closet until the winter months approach. You can also avoid sateen weave sheets as they are more likely to compromise your sleep quality during warm weather.

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