How to Soundproof a Room or Apartment

If your next-door neighbor's music irritates you or you're distracted by the general buzz of foot traffic, it's time for soundproofing. For many apartment tenants, distressing and unnecessary noise is an inevitable fact of life. Thankfully, there are various ways to soak up the noise that enters your apartment through the windows, ceiling, and floor: from acoustic wall panels to soundproof curtains. Keep reading to learn how to soundproof your room so you can have peace of mind.



Tips on How to Soundproof a Room or Apartment


Soundproofing is a great choice regardless of the space you have. While this may call to mind images of renovations and siphoning bank accounts, there are many alternatives to eliminate noise without blowing your savings or rebuilding your home. Soundproofing your room doesn't have to be pricey, as even the most basic DIY skills can do the trick.


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  • Consider Acoustic Panels


Acoustic panels are very effective in preventing noise from bouncing off hard surfaces. They are made of acoustic foam and are available in different shapes and sizes. Due to the numerous design options and textures, acoustic panels can be organized to resemble abstract artwork. Use adhesive strips to hang the panels on your walls, and try mixing various panel sizes in complementary colours to come up with a unique piece.


You can also use the acoustic panels along the ceiling to block noise from outside foot traffic.



  • Weatherproof Your Front Door



If you can hear people making stories in the building corridor from the comfort of your room, there are probably large air gaps around your door. Gaps in your front door leave enough space for sound to travel through without strain. Therefore, you'll need to seal those leaks with a door sweep under the front door to muffle the sound. We recommend a commercial-grade sweep with a rubber strip to seal against the gaps.


Use foam weatherstripping to seal along the sides and atop the front door, assuming it doesn't close firmly against the door jambs. Caulking around the window is also a long-term solution. It's a straightforward DIY approach, though you'll need a steady hand and a caulking gun to get it right.



  • Hang Door Curtains


Hanging door curtains is another long-term option. Hang heavy blackout curtains over the front door to avoid unnecessary noise.



  • Soundproof a Bedroom Door


Similar to the front door, gaps beneath interior doors allow sound to travel as if the door is slightly open. Use a draft stopper to fill the spaces. The most effective versions stick to the door with an elastic band, so you don't need to adjust them constantly.



  • Reduce Reflected Noise



Sound reflects off hard surfaces, such as ceilings and walls, contributing to greater noise levels within a room. To reduce this, cover bare walls and ceilings with soft materials to soak up the sound so that a vacuum cleaner or barking dog's commotion ( or other sounds ) does not reflect. Installing a shag rug on your ceiling and rubber textile mats on the walls can precisely absorb noise from adjacent units while softening unnecessary noise within the apartment.



  • Get a Thick Rug Pad



You're likely aware that nothing dampens annoying sounds in areas that experience high foot traffic like a carpet. Therefore, it would help to put a thick rug on hard floors to absorb sound. What's even better? Placing a dense rug pad under it will enhance the noise-cancelling capacity of your rug. Install a wall-to-wall carpet in your apartment with a dense pad for a permanent solution.



  • Muffle Sounds with a Bookcase


Bookcases pull double duty: offering more vertical storage and dampening sound coming through the walls. Fill the bookcase with books, so the books provide an additional barrier. Wall-to-wall built-ins deliver the best soundproofing benefits by absorbing noise from the room next door. Ensure the edges of the bookcase fit precisely to the floor, walls, and ceiling to block air gaps, another avenue for noise.



  • Install Soundproof Curtains


Soundproof curtains are one of the most powerful strategies to soundproof a room, as they serve as an additional sound barrier. Many of them also double as blackout curtains, blocking sleep-disrupting light.


Soundproof curtains are available in various dimensions to adapt to most standard window sizes. In bedrooms, they offer the added advantage of fostering a more soothing sleeping environment because they prevent bright lights and outside noise.



  • Soundproof Your Windows


Window inserts are a must-have if you want to restrict the outside noise without sacrificing the view from your apartment. They install easily over your existing windows and are specially formulated to form an airtight seal to depress outside noise by half, if not more. Some can quickly retract when not in use, making it easy to open your windows to increase airflow.



  • Fill Your Room with Upholstered Furniture


Soft materials can do wonders in bedrooms when it comes to absorbing sounds. Place more pillows on your bed, which will help your room get quieter. If you have ample space, you can put a sofa with throw pillows for additional soundproofing. An upholstered headboard will also do the trick, so consider adding one.



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