How to Fix a Sunken Futon Mattress

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A futon mattress is a perfect alternative to traditional beds and mattresses. They have made a name for themselves in being versatile in usage and highly comfortable to rest on. You can use it as a bed, sofa, or carpet, fold it up, and keep it for guests.

However, like other mattresses, a futon mattress is also prone to sagging after prolonged use. When you notice that your futon mattress is getting deformed in certain places, you might be tempted to buy a new one. But this is unnecessary, as there are ways to fix a sunken futon mattress.

If your futon mattress has reached a point of sagging, keep reading for some of the best ways to rectify the situation.

5 Ways to Fix a Sagging Futon

There are several reasons for a sunken mattress. If you don't use it properly or excessively, it can get deformed in some places. Pets jumping, playing, or even resting on the mattress can cause sagging. Moreover, if more than one person uses the mattress and they sleep in the same area, it can cause the mattress to sink from that place.

No matter the sagging, it can make the mattress highly uncomfortable to sleep on. This does not warrant a new purchase, as you can take a few steps to solve this issue or improve it for a while. Here is what you can do.

  • Use A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a great way to even out the surface of your old futon mattress or even prolong the life of a new mattress. A topper is another layer of latex, memory foam, or other material used as padding and added on top of the mattress. It provides additional support and firmness. A topper also evens out the heat emanating from the surface.

You can choose from various materials to match the feel you want. The mattress topper can provide more softness or firmness, depending on your choice. The additional layer of a topper prevents the body from directly impacting the mattress, thereby creating dents.

A benefit of the mattress topper is that it is more affordable than the mattress, so you can easily get a new one when the older one starts to get down.

  • Flip and Rotate Your Futon Mattress

Another way to help you even out the sagging portion of the mattress is by flipping and rotating it. If you continuously sit and sleep on the same side and in the same spot, you will only be applying pressure to that place. This pressure on the same area of the mattress causes sagging.

To counter this issue, keep flipping and rotating your futon mattress throughout the year. Rotating the mattress might not be as helpful as you still use the same side. By rotating and flipping, you have also shifted the sagging portion of the mattress to the back and bottom.

Now, you will be sleeping on the firmer and fresher side of the mattress. The stuffing is distributed more evenly, and the strength of the mattress lives on for more months to come. Rip and rotate once more when the mattress starts sagging again to keep the surface even. Keep doing it regularly to keep the mattress in top shape.

  • Clean Or Air Out Your Futon Mattress

Airing out might not work on major cases of sagging in the mattress. When done regularly, it can be a helpful method of dealing with some minor issues of a sunken mattress. You can combine it with other methods to get maximum effect.

To clean or air out the futon mattress, you must first hang it over a fence or a reeling of the stairs. Then, take a bat, broom, or stick and beat the mattress over the surface. Flip over the mattress and repeat the beating process.

Put it out in the sun and let it sit for several hours in the air. If the mattress has a zipper, open it halfway and let the stuffing breathe in the fresh air. Do it regularly for an even surface throughout.

  • Replace the Foundation

Sometimes the issue is not the mattress but the foundation underneath it. Using the futon mattress on top of a metal frame can dig into the mattress and cause a sinking. Replace the foundation with a plywood sheet or use some other lightweight wood material. It will make the mattress firmer, provide better support, and solve the sunken futon mattress issue in a few days.

You can also use memory foam as a mattress topper and foundation to add strength and keep the mattress safely in between.

  • Try Adding Pillows Underneath the Mattress

Another simple solution to help with a sagging futon mattress is to use a soft pillow underneath it as support. As you use the same spot every time, it can sink from that place. By adding pillows underneath that spot, you are providing a layer of support from below, so when you rest on that place, the mattress will have the pillow pushing it up below.

You can add more than one pillow or a few pillows and soft blankets. Spread them out as necessary and as is comfortable for you. The more support you provide the mattress from below, the better shape it will be able to retain in the long term.

  • Add Another Layer to Your Futon

You can add another layer to your futon mattress to help the recessed area. For example, if your current mattress is getting old and you have another old mattress lying around, you can put them together to make an even surface and give better support.

This won't work in the long term but is certainly a viable solution for the immediate future.

futon mattress

The Best Futon Mattress Recommendation

You don't want to spend on anything substandard when making a big purchase, like a futon mattress. Only the best will do. Maxyoyo futon mattress is a sure topper in a horde of futon mattresses.

The Maxyoyo futon mattress has a high-quality polyester cover with high-density base support foam. There is an additional layer of padding on top to provide more support and keep the surface firm. The double-layer tape on the edges reinforces the support and prevents the edges from tearing apart. The stitching is multi-layered and solid.

With the Maxyoyo futon mattress, you can be assured of a long mattress life without having to fuss a lot over it. The range of colors and prints is an added benefit. Choose carefully and enjoy great sleep.

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