Tips to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Decorating a studio apartment is a daunting task for apartment dwellers because space is at a premium: therefore, every decision you make must be deliberate and impactful. With such a limited space to decorate, it's easy to go from cozy to clutter.


While adorning a studio apartment takes more creativity, planning, and editing, the payoff is probably worth the extra effort. So how do you decorate your studio apartment in such a way that it reflects your distinct style while remaining functional and uncluttered?


Please put the following decoration tips to work, as they're a good starting point for leveraging a confined space.



How to Decorate a Studio Apartment



Decorating a studio apartment could suit you if you like a minimalistic style. Here's what you need to decorate your small space, whether you reside there by choice or necessity.



  • Day Bed


Day beds can convert to sofas during day time and are a sure way of enlarging a studio apartment since they can serve as extra seating. You can find day beds from various online stores such as MAXYOYO: one of the innovative companies in the mattress design world. They focus on delivering high-value comfort while retaining a low price tag, which is not the case with other mattresses that receive complaints about perceived quality and reliability over time.


The MAXYOYO day bed is filled with polyester fabric to enhance a good rebound effect, relaxing your body. That's a benefit you can count on when sitting on the floor during your leisure time or chilling with your family and friends. The mattress is incredibly versatile and can excel in any context, be it on the floor, bench, or sofa, for added padding. With the strong positioning buckles, you don't have to worry about the mattress moving around indiscriminately because the inner fillings are secured.


Choose a daybed equipped with a frame that folds around the back so you can place it against the wall and fill it with pillows to establish a welcoming seating area. If the daybed lacks the frame, put it in the center of the room, and mind you: guests will have no idea that it's also your bed.



  • Floor Mattress


One of the best ways to save floor space in your studio apartment is to opt for space-saving items like floor mattresses. There is no denying the essence of a floor mattress in any confined space, and that's why we introduce to you the MAXYOYO floor futon mattress as a great option for a studio apartment. This mattress must be on your shortlist if you want to expand your space.


MAXYOYO has revolutionized floor futon mattresses with designs that prioritize comfort and support. Given the excellent workmanship along with multiple colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, previous users have noted improved cooling and incredible pain relief in the MAXYOYO floor futon mattress. Sure, this is a safe bet for value-conscious shoppers.


If you want to conserve space, choose the twin-sized futon. The full size can host two people, while the queen size is ideal for those who want more room. Whichever size you choose, you rest assured of a luxurious sleep experience.



  • Room Dividers



Room dividers are incredible decorative elements that define distinct zones in a studio apartment. They are a couple of gorgeous styles available ranging from classic folding screens to projection screens, sliding doors, and bookcases. Room dividers can be handy for privacy when guests are around. They can also double as a focal point in the room so be sure to choose fantastic pieces to add a touch of elegance.


Room dividers, such as a garment rack, help create visual separation that distinguishes your bedroom from the kitchen, dining, and living room. Placing a garment rack next to your bed not only defines space but provides a storage place for your favorite clothes. Ensure you choose a simple color palette for the clothes to develop a cohesive look.


If you can't find a room divider that fits your style, try getting one custom-made. Most artisans can make one in no time at a low cost.


Tip: Try to divide the space into visually appealing ratios. Room sections appear aesthetically pleasing if split into ⅓ or ⅔ proportions. Also, note that choosing the right size room divider should be your first order of business. If you want something more decorative, go for the small dividers, but if you need to define space in your home, go for larger ones to command privacy.



  • Bookshelves



Go a step further and acquire bookshelves. They double as a room divider and a storage unit. Bookshelves come in different designs namely the open and closed bookshelves. Each design option has its strengths and weaknesses: the decision relies on a few aspects:


Do you plan to make your bed every day? Open shelving could be for you if that's the case. It lets you access things from both sides while adding depth to your room. Open shelving is also perfect for making the most of limited apartment space.


Is it necessary to separate your sleeping area from the rest of your room? If so, open bookshelves won't do the trick. They do little to establish a solid divider between a welcoming living space and a cluttered bed. However, they make it convenient to partition a larger area without compromising storage. Closed bookshelves are the best for defining your space.


If you choose closed shelving and the back is unfinished, consider painting it.



  • Hanging Fabric


With the fabric being an inexpensive room divider comes the ability to separate the sleeping and living areas. Try hanging it over the sleeping area so you can draw curtains open or close them whenever you want. Consider hanging four pieces of lightweight fabric at the four posts of your bed from the canopy to the floor. Although it does not provide privacy, it's an eloquent way to distinguish the space. When you're ready to sleep, close the fabric to create the illusion that you are living in your own little world.

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