How to Decorate an Apartment on a Budget

Most apartment dwellers find it difficult to decorate their homes due to financial constraints and landlord-imposed restrictions. Even the tiny touch-ups you do to make your apartment comfortable come with hefty price tags. But that's not to say all hope is lost. You do not need to spend a fortune on decoration if you utilize your creative resourcefulness. You only need to be willing to think outside the box and commit some time and effort to this endeavour.


After all, your home defines your personality, so why not make it fab? Read on to discover incredible and affordable apartment decor ideas.



How to Decorate an Apartment on a Budget


Here are the primary considerations:



  • Walls: Adorn your walls with curtains.
  • Floors: Put a mattress to make living on the floor convenient.
  • Windows: Acquire or make window coverings for windows.
  • Lighting: Add Mood lighting with lamps and update ugly and deteriorated fixtures.
  • Furniture: Use space-saving furniture to command your room's flow.



Use these simple budget decorating inspirations to infuse exceptional style and personality into your home.



  • Decor Walls with Curtains


Curtains aren't just for covering windows. Set up low-cost curtains or fabric along the wall to add elegance to your apartment. If you can't get a good deal on curtains you fancy, consider making your own. You can also suspend a curtain from your ceiling to define a large area.


Besides curtains, you can create wall art to make your room vibrant. The good thing is that you don't need to be an artist to create wall art. Plain canvases are inexpensive, and they can be painted on with almost everything. For example, you can frame collaborating colours of scrapbook papers or any fabric to suit your interior decor.


Another interesting addition is setting up mirrors. They are an inexpensive solution to enhance your space; without them, your walls feel naked. Mirrors make limited spaces appear more prominent and gloomy areas seem brighter. You can find mirrors at low prices in any home decorator store.


The last idea for decorating a wall is painting it to add appeal. Painting is a controversial subject, especially in the apartment industry. But if your landlord permits you to paint, choose light neutral colours that would be convenient to repaint before relocating.



  • Put Floor Mattress in Living Room


Rental apartments often have minimal space, so placing oversized furniture such as king-sized beds can compromise space. So what can you do? One wise option is placing a floor mattress in your living room. In this case, we suggest the MAXYOYO floor futon mattress, which can conveniently maximize your space while staying within your budget.


The MAXYOYO floor futon mattresses are space-saving solutions for apartments, and they're highly regarded for their affordability and durability qualities. They are made of high-end materials, including the most recent innovations combined with the traditional methods of making a futon. This guarantees maximum comfort, while the extra thickness promotes a proper sleeping posture by distributing body weight evenly.


With so many colours and sizes available, you're sure to find your perfect match: an added benefit for apartment dwellers. This mattress is also firm and supportive, which helps relieve back pain. And even better, you can roll it out and store it until it's needed again.



  • Get or Make Window Coverings for Window



Most rental units have window treatments already mounted, but if you're looking for window treatments at a low cost, try making your own. ( No skills are required ). You can get fusible bonding from fabric stores and use them to craft rustic finished-edged fabric panels to suspend above windows.



  • Add Mood Lighting with Lamps


Modifying existing lighting fixtures in an apartment is typically not permitted, but if a particular fixture is unsightly or inoperable, it may be necessary to notify your letting agent. A good letting agent may replace it for you or compensate you for fixing the light fixtures.


Installing additional light in your room offers both aesthetic and practical benefits. So be sure to spice things up with different light features on a budget. For instance, you can place self-standing lamps in any corner of your house or put accent lighting to showcase cabinets, art, and bookcases. However, ensure all the lighting fixtures are eye-comforting.



  • Unique Cabinet Knobs


Minor modifications can sometimes have the most significant impact. Although many tenants believe they are limited to the hardware on their kitchen cabinets, it is easy to replace with something stylish. Choose trendy but affordable knobs to add personality to your kitchen.



  • Floating Shelves


Apartment dwellers can have a small floor space, but vertical space is always an alternative. Use vertical space for storage using floating shelves and add uniqueness to your bland apartment through decorative pieces like picture frames, books, and houseplants. Narrow shelving units with a minimalistic profile can also deliver the same objective.


Use throw pillows and other decorative accessories like pottery and book covers to add punches of color. Such items are affordable; most importantly, you can paint them or cover them up quickly. And the best part is you can donate them, assuming they don't complement your home's decor.


On the other hand, houseplants create a sense of nature while adding a palatable touch of life to an otherwise dull apartment, and they are reasonably priced. Consider succulents or other low-maintenance options if you work overtime or don't want to deal with too much upkeep.



  • Get Space-saving Furniture


Choose multi-purpose furniture if your apartment space is limited. A Murphy bed, sofa bed, or loft bed can do magic in your apartment. A Murphy bed, for example, will fold up into the wall when not in use. Others even retract to double as a desk, allowing your apartment to do double duty as an occasional guest room.


Nesting tables are another space-saving piece of furniture. They create more surface space when necessary and retract completely when not in use.


Innovative solutions for small spaces include coffee tables that convert into dining tables and ottomans that can function as storage solutions.


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