Things You Can not Do on Apartment Decoration

Nothing beats the satisfaction of styling a dream home that characterizes your taste and personality. You're sure to feel excited when relocating to an apartment. But amid all the curiosity, you might be tempted to buy all the furniture at once, particularly if the apartment needs more basic necessities.


However, incredible interior design doesn't come instantly. It needs patience, determination, and readiness to survive with the deficient as you look for impeccable pieces. While it may be appealing to plan to visit a furniture store on the weekend, don't rush, or you may eventually wind up with an apartment filled with regrets.


Avoid the decoration mistakes highlighted in this guide to make your apartment welcoming.



What You Can not Do on Apartment Decoration


Here are common mistakes to avoid in apartment decoration:



  • Buying all Furniture at Once


An apartment that completely lacks basic things requires new stuff to keep it functional. It's not a surprise to fill it soon after moving in, but rushing to buy all furniture at once can be a costly mistake that will affect you in the long run.


No rule stipulates that your apartment must be set up within a few days of moving in. The idea is to purchase reasonable quantities at a time. Sure, you'll need somewhere to sleep, eat, and sit. It's acceptable to keep other things on hold to focus on the essentials.


It's best to list the items that matter the most and acquire them in descending order of importance. Take time to search for the appropriate pieces and buy them as your budget allows.


Another common mistake is purchasing furniture and decor ahead of time, only to remember that the space in the apartment is different from what you think. If that's the case, avoid buying things prematurely.



  • Buying Only Cheap Items


Most average tenants are on a tight budget, so they want everything to be as cheap as possible. There are many ways to decorate inexpensively, but some things are worth paying more for. So even though you have a tight budget, it pays to think of quality, particularly for large-ticket items.


For example, when purchasing a sofa, you must always settle for the highest quality piece of furniture that you can bear the cost of. When you buy below-average products, it's unavoidable that they'll need replacement sooner or later. Though being creative and upcycling can help you save money, don't be penny-wise. Settle for the best quality of big-ticket items that you can meet the expense of.


The idea is to understand which things to spend a fortune on and which to save money on. After all, you should be mindful of your budget and avoid irresponsible spending to make your apartment appear great.



  • Filling the Space too Quickly


Doing things hurriedly brings about regrets, which applies to decorating and other areas. The line of thought extends beyond furniture to include rugs, lighting, and accessories. Decorating a room is the equivalent of putting a puzzle together, where each component connects in ways that may not be apparent at first.



  • Settling for Generic Items


Renting an apartment can prove difficult to put your stamp on it as most rental units have limitations on the kind of modifications you can make. Therefore, many people don't decorate according to their taste and personality. Luckily, you can do a couple of things to make an apartment your own for the duration you'll live there.


Replace existing window treatments, light fixtures, and hardware. Then, layer area rugs over the current floors or carpet, decorate with detachable wallpaper that won't leave permanent scars, and if your letting agent approves, paint the walls, trims, and doors, based on your preference. There is no reason to dwell in a bland apartment lacking personality for the sake of renting.



  • Buying all the Accessories in the Same Place


One of the key principles of decorating is that you must not procure everything in one place: be it the furniture or the accessories. Every zone in your apartment should seem like it has evolved with time, but that's nearly unfeasible when you purchase all your accessories at the same store.


Additionally, buying all your stuff from the same place doesn't represent your style but that of the store's purchasing manager. It's easy to become fixated on a particular color or wood tone and buy items in that hue. Accessories can make your apartment feel personal, so everything must not match unless you want your home to resemble a furniture store. That said, shopping at various stores can offer your space a distinct personality.



  • Lighting


Lighting influences one's mood, efficiency, and eyesight, which is why it's preferable not to set up furniture in a way that limits light sources. Natural light in day time can save you energy based on the design of your floor plan. In addition, lamps and many other light sources serve as decor while adding life to your room.



  • Buying Before Measuring


Measuring the space and carrying the measurements before heading to your closest furniture store is a good idea. To enhance your moving-in experience, measure the stairwells, doorways, and any other place your furniture will navigate on its way to your house. Returning your most-liked furniture because it won't fit into your apartment is irritating and costly.



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