How to Create a Perfect Bar for Small Space

Who doesn't like an easygoing happy hour at home every so often? While visiting your favorite bar is always a treat, nothing beats stocking up on cocktail-making essentials to keep at home. Unfortunately, creating a perfect bar for a small space can prove challenging, but that shouldn't prevent you from organizing a cozy get-together with family and friends. The good thing is that you don't need ample space to attain your small home bar objectives.


There are many inventive ways to incorporate a home bar, whether limited by space or lacking the extra square footage for a dedicated bar room. This includes innovative storage solutions, space-saving bar furniture, and adaptable layouts that complement the current furnishings and room shapes.


So, are you tired of blowing money at your local bar? Consider setting up a home bar instead. Read below to discover small home bar ideas you can include in your space and create your own.



How to Create a Perfect Bar for Small Space



  • Old Cabinets Built for Small Mid Century Homes


Getting an affordable piece of furniture that compliments small spaces can be difficult to find. But old cabinets built for mid-century homes can do the trick. They are usually pocket-friendly and plentiful. But first, declutter your space before sprucing up your old cabinet. After that, paint it or add some accessories to make it stand out.



  • Make a Classy Industrial Bar Cart


Bar carts strike a perfect balance between functionality and flexibility, which is why they are a must-have piece of furniture in any small space setting. You can use them to store your cocktail essentials while also serving as a trendy statement piece in home decor. New bar carts can be expensive if purchased at a store, but thankfully, numerous DIY projects can offer you a classy bar cart at a fraction of the cost.


Thanks to its rigid wheels, you can quickly move the bar cart from room to room or outdoor setting. Even better, you can transform it into a stationary addition to your room by engaging the wheel locks. Bar carts are available in different sizes and design options, so you can be confident of finding one that befits your current space and looks appealing too. Some even come with built-in wine racks, multitiered shelves, and glass holders to deliver the best storage options.


Tip: If you only intend to roll out the minibar for gatherings or dinner parties, choose a foldable bar cart that you can keep in reserve when not in use.



  • Create a Stylish Bar Tray


Small home bar ideas don't need to be overly complicated. Any side table or accent cabinet can be an excellent spot for a minibar set-up with the simple addition of a stylish bar tray. Place your favorite bourbon, wine, or gin on the tray, along with a few glasses, so you're ready to entertain guests whenever necessary. In addition, a tray minibar allows you to transport all your drink supplies outside, to the dining area or the living room easily, whenever you want.



  • TV Stands Get a Glam Makeover


You can save valuable space and get innovative with typical bar ideas like this one. Keep your most-liked wine close for movie nights when you incorporate a sideboard as a TV stand. Fill the side shelves with extra drinkware and barware accessories to maximize space in your small bar area. Once that's done, you can easily retrieve your wine glasses and choose which wine to usher in your relaxing evening.



  • Think About Storage Cart


Think out of the box and set up a storage cart to organize your drink essentials. It would help if you had a cheap yet effective solution for storing all accessories. Opt for flexible and space-saving solutions to serve as your designated home bar station.



  • Hang a Space-Saving Wine Rack


You can establish a fun decorative display with a wine rack to help you reimagine your storage options. Mount one or two wall-mounted wine racks to develop an artful display with an operational twist. This frees up shelf or cabinet space while allowing guests to navigate the wine selections while adoring the rack's rustic design.


Wall-mounted wine racks are available in different configurations and capacity sizes. So be sure you choose one that aligns with your interior aesthetic and wine bottle collection.



  • Affix a Wall-Mounted Bar Table


A perfect bar for small spaces saves you valuable space for keeping other essentials. Choose a sizeable wall-mounted table with a drop-leaf design surface. This option allows you to fold the table's surface flat against the wall to maximize space in your breakfast nook or kitchen. Put a pair of bar stools on both sides of the table and enjoy your cocktail. The good thing regarding this setup is you don't have to be alarmed by table legs consuming too much floor space. That means you can use the area underneath for drink storage.  


  • Mix Up Your Bookshelf


You don't need a separate bar room to supplement your drink station goals. With a bookshelf at your disposal, you are good to go! A bookcase-turned-cocktail bar adds visual appeal precisely while assisting you in filling in bare shelf space. Balance the appearance by inserting glassware and barware items at opposite ends of the shelves. You can also add your most-liked books to complete the look.



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