Things About Efficiency Apartments You Don't Know

If you live in an expensive city, you may want to rent a smaller space, like an efficiency apartment, to cut costs. Efficiency apartments, also called bachelor apartments, are small units that consolidate everything into a single room: the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The only exception is the bathroom, which legally should be walled off.


The floor plan of this type of dwelling is synonymous with a studio apartment, so don't be shocked if the two terms are used interchangeably. However, the kitchen is the main difference between studio and efficiency apartments. Instead of a full-size kitchen, bachelor apartments only incorporate a kitchenette with limited features.  


Keep reading for more clarity on the basics of efficiency apartments.



Efficiency Apartments


As mentioned earlier, efficiency apartments are identical to studio apartments, but there are a few differences between these two units, which I have addressed in the guide below. But first, let's define what a studio apartment is.


A studio apartment is an all-inclusive living space in which the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are combined into one room. Given their identical design to efficiency apartments, what's the difference between a studio and an efficiency apartment? Find out the key differences below:


Difference Between Studio and Efficiency Apartments


  • Area


Efficiency apartments are typically smaller than studios. In most cases, studio apartments measure 400-500 square feet. However, they can be more spacious or smaller based on the location.


  • Kitchen


In most studio apartments, you'll find a separate full-size kitchen with a dedicated space for a table and other appliances. The same doesn't hold for efficiency apartments. It features a smaller version, referred to as a kitchenette, with fewer appliances like a mini fridge.



  • Price


Limited space equals a lower cost. But this will only sometimes be the case with bachelor apartments. The cost primarily depends on the location. For example, if you rent an efficiency apartment at a value-oriented place in the city, you'll pay more.


  • Occupation


Efficiency apartments are designed for single occupancy, whereas studios can accommodate two people because it's large enough for a roommate arrangement. However, you can sacrifice your personal space to live with a partner in efficiency apartments, though that will make the room congested.



Is an Efficiency Apartment Right for You?



Consider your priorities when determining whether an efficiency apartment meets your demands. If you'd like to live a minimalist lifestyle where you won't break the bank, efficiency apartments may be for you. Unfortunately, if you're social and accustomed to inviting friends to your place, then you may need more than efficiency apartments to suit you.


If you need clarification on whether this type of dwelling will work for you, try it short-term to get a feel of it before fully committing.



Pros of Efficiency Apartments


It goes without saying that good things come in small packages. But does this hold for your living space? Discover the pros and cons of residing in efficiency apartments below:


  • Lower Cost


Because efficiency apartments are small, the rent is far lower than other dwellings. And in most cases, at a fraction of the cost. Apart from the rent, you can expect to pay less for your monthly utilities because of the limited square footage to power. In addition, you'll need less furniture, which is a benefit you can count on because fewer pieces mean you'll prioritize quality.



  • Easy to Keep Clean


Living in a confined space means being more intentional about what you keep within the room. This limits the possibility of junk accumulation, as nothing will hide in a closet to catch dust. Another important thing is that small spaces are easy to do a quick sweep, which keeps your room tidy and organized.



  • Locality


Here comes another bonus! Living in efficiency apartments allows you to stay in a sought-after place, centrally located where you work. This means you can walk to work rather than commuting and wasting time in traffic.



  • Environmental Friendly


Lower energy bills benefit not only your wallet but also the environment. An efficiency apartment offers you numerous opportunities to lead an environmentally friendly life. With a restricted space, you'll probably not buy things you don't need. Also, since you'll spend less time cleaning, you'll minimize water waste and keep toxic chemicals at bay since you won't use them often.



  • Encourages You to Hang Out


You will only spend some of your time in a restricted space. As such, you'll want to get out and enjoy some local adventures while exploring your city.



Cons of Efficiency Apartments


Efficiency apartments only suit some, and there is no such thing as an ideal living space. They have their own set of limitations, most of which are attributed to lifestyle choices. Here are some of the drawbacks of this type of dwelling:



  • They May Be Claustrophobic



Efficiency apartments are not for you, primarily if you value your privacy. Their compact design suits those who don't bother being cramped. But if you're accustomed to having your own space, they can quickly become claustrophobic.



  • Tricky when you have plenty of items


No matter how much you fancy the concept of downsizing, if you have plenty of belongings, relocating to an efficiency apartment can be challenging unless you're ready to part with most of them. Hobbies like piano playing will have to revert back if space is limited.



  • Difficult to Socialize


If you enjoy hosting friends and family for the weekend, an efficiency apartment can soon get overcrowded. Allocating a place for everybody to loosen up is a major challenge, as you're unlikely to have extra furniture for guests.



  • The Kitchen Smell


Due to the cramped floor plan, your kitchen is barely a few feet away. So if you forget to clean the dishes, you might not feel at ease inside.



Create Rest Space in Your Apartment



The cost of living in big cities is notoriously high, leaving people with no option but to resort to more affordable housing alternatives such as efficiency apartments. But given the compact design of these units, it begs the question: how can you create rest space in your apartment?


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Aside from the compact design, there are numerous other benefits to purchasing a futon mattress, including support, comfort, and convenience.


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