How to Create a Minimalist Apartment

When you reside in a cramped space such as an apartment, minimalism is not an option but a must. Creating a minimalist apartment allows you to indulge in your surroundings and take time to unwind because there's not much going on.


Getting rid of unnecessary stuff and holding onto the essentials is the key to pulling off a minimalist apartment. This can be a big undertaking, and it's understandable if you feel slightly irritated. Thankfully, there is no deadline for decluttering your apartment, so allocate enough time to transform your home into a desirable place.


Are you looking to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle? Don't worry; we can help. Take time to sift through the tips highlighted in this guide, and be ready to organize things in your apartment in no time.



Tips to Create a Minimalist Apartment


Before we delve into this discussion, let's first understand what a minimalist apartment is.


A minimalist apartment means keeping things uncluttered and organized, which is the current trend. So what do you need for a minimalist apartment? Minimalist decor is more about what you don't need than what you do. This means getting rid of belongings deemed "unnecessary." The idea is to establish a neat and organized zone in which your eyes are not devastated by their surroundings.



Tips to Create a Minimalist Apartment


Here is what you need for a minimalist apartment:



  • Pay Close Attention to Color and Texture


Although you are aiming to declutter your surroundings, your minimalist apartment ought not to feel like an empty office complex. So, you'll need to use different textures to add variation. Pay special attention to subtle textures and tonal variation within a similar hue. This is an excellent way to create depth and interest while maintaining a minimalist quality.  From there, think about the flow of your space. Focus on how each line visually leads to another, whether it's from an artwork or a piece of furniture.


You'll also need to avoid using numerous colors, particularly bright ones. Choose neutral colors such as brown, black, white, and grey. You'll hardly find bright neon hues and bold patterns in any minimalist apartment. Therefore, use similar colors because being minimal involves creating a calming sensation for the brain and eyes when entering your room.


It's OK to distribute a few colors across your apartment evenly, but resist neons and instead go for muted tones, including sage green.



  • Only Keep Useful and Meaningful Items


As the name suggests, minimalism translates to having less or keeping things to a minimum.


Here is how to get rid of unnecessary stuff:


  • Begin with large items and work your way down


Examine each piece of furniture to decide on the ones that matter the most to you. After that, focus on more minor things like pieces of decor, household appliances, and other personal belongings. Determine if your apartment needs the items or if they are just consuming space.


  • Donate any duplicates


Flick through your drawers to see if you have extra items lying around, such as measuring cups, among others. If the unnecessary stuff can be used in any other context, donate them to free up space. If not, throw them out.


  • Keep unused items in storage.


Allocate a place in your apartment to keep leftover items out of sight unless you use them regularly. Be it a dresser or any other form of storage. Make sure you designate a space for all unused items to recall where everything goes. For instance, you can keep your basic toiletries in a bathroom cabinet for easier access. You can also store your clothes in a dedicated wardrobe based on closet space setting.



  • Be Intentional with Accessories


Accessories must be purposeful rather than excessive or impulsive. In short, accessories are all perceived as artwork. So when displaying an accessory, make sure it is something you genuinely love and discard the rest. Obviously, you won't need numerous pieces of art cluttering up your surfaces or hanging them on your wall. Look through all your decorations and single out those items that hold a lot of personal value. Choose accessories that add a sense of touch to your apartment rather than displaying random paintings and excessive photographs.



  • Clean Your Apartment Regularly


Make it a habit to put everything away immediately after you're done with it. This way, your room can be relatively clean and streamlined. Commit a few minutes daily to tidy up your apartment's surfaces, so they don't pile up.


  • Use Dual-function Furniture


When decluttering your space, you don't have to sacrifice functionality. Choose multipurpose furniture, such as a coffee table that doubles as a storage unit or a selection of nesting side tables. At the same time, your dual-function piece of furniture must appear sleek such that it doesn't look like a clunky thing that can store items.


  • Choose Plants Over Knick-knacks


A little natural green can work wonders when it replaces other decor or trinkets. Instead of vases and figurines, place a few houseplants on shelves and tables. Ensure you stick to the simple, clean lines of simplicity when deciding on a pot for your houseplants.



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Minimalism is precisely what it appears to be: the bare minimum. We hope you can now create a minimalist apartment with the tips highlighted in this guide. Don't settle for bland and boring, but ensure you maintain simplicity in your minimalist apartment.

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