How To Care For A Futon Mattress?

futon mattress

You work all day to make numbers. What is the point of all the hassle when you can't get quality sleep at night? After a hectic day, all your body deserves is a peaceful sleep. Indeed, it can be pretty challenging to choose a perfect mattress. But now that you have made this investment by selecting the Futon mattress, it's time it pays off.

A futon mattress comes with a long-term warranty, but it can only happen if you take care of it properly. Mattress care will not only prolong its lifetime, but it will also prevent you from many troubles and diseases

Guide to Futon Mattress Care

Here's a complete guide for you on how you can take care of your Futon Mattress!

futon mattress

Tip 1 - Make Sure To Ventilate Your Mattress

Futon mattress comes in compressed packaging to keep it secure during shipping. It prevents the mattress from dirt, water, and scratches. But it is too tight, so you need to open your mattress a day after receiving it. Moreover, ensure to ventilate your futon mattress for 2 to 3 days before using it for better results.

Tip 2 - Use Mattress Protection

We suggest you use waterproof mattress protectors/ covers from the first day. These protectors offer excellent protection against unwanted incidents such as spilling water, juice, or something, dust, dirt, and bacteria that get their way into your mattress and cause damage.

Tip 3 - Keep Your Mattress Dry

If you want the Futon mattress to last longer, keep it dry. The wetness can damage the fluffiness of your mattress, and it will lose its original shape and cause discomfort. So, ensure you dry it once a week or every two weeks.

Tip 4 - Don't Put The Futon Mattress Directly On The Floor

Placing a mattress directly on the bottom is the fastest way to ruin your mattress. Putting it on the ground directly encounters all the dirt, dust, and germ. That's why we advise you use carpets, tatami, and beds. It will prevent the mattress from losing its original shape and comfort and getting dirty.

Tip 5 - Use Clean Bed Sheets

Do you know that dirty bed sheets are also one of the biggest reasons mattresses lose efficiency? The sweaty, dirty, oily, and dusty bed sheets become a primary source of bacterial and fungal growth and dust bites. They damage your mattress in ways you have never thought. Even if you use mattress protection covers. So, make sure to change bed sheets once a week.

Tip 6 - Don't Put Extra Weight On The Mattress

Putting extra weight and jumping on a mattress cause it to lose its texture and life. It damages the frame and foam of your mattress.

Buying a mattress is like an investment. You invest your money and time in choosing it. It also plays a significant role in your health. But its life span depends on how you care for it. So, if you want to ensure that your futon mattress lasts long and offers comfortable and peaceful sleep, follow the above tips.  

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