Futon Mattress Another Name for Comfortable Life

While we often think of a mattress as a luxury item, not all are up to the task. But some, such as futon mattresses, have become increasingly popular recently because of their comfortability, versatility, and luxurious look.


Futon mattresses are typically made of lasting materials, which attests to their longevity. They can withstand heavy use for about 5 to 10 years, depending on how you use them.  For instance, if you only use your futon mattress as a guest bed, it will last more than ten years. But if you use it as your go-to option every night, it will wear out in less than six years.



What is Futon?



You're probably not strange to the term "futon" as it has existed for years. By definition, a futon is a traditional Japanese style of bedding, and it comes in various sizes. They are usually thinner and firmer than traditional mattresses, making them a worthy option for minimalists.


A complete set of futons integrates a mattress and a duvet, both flexible enough to be folded and stored away when not being utilized. Doing so will give your room ample space for other purposes during the day while serving as a bedroom at night.


Futons were first introduced in Japan in the early 1900s. At that point in time, most Japanese people slept on the floors; therefore, a sleek and pliable mattress, such as a futon, was a favourable alternative. Since then, the popularity of futon mattresses has spread widely, which is why today's futons come in different types and sizes.


It must be noted that western-style futons are not synonymous with Japanese futons. Though the construction method is similar, the western-style futons resemble wooden sofa beds.


Here are the three common sizes of futon mattresses:



Futons are usually built to last, but that's not to say that you should avoid maintaining them. Some maintenance practices, such as regularly airing your futon, can prevent mould from thriving while keeping your mattress free from mites.



The Best Futon Mattress


A futon mattress may have the reputation of only being suitable for a dorm room, but it offers more than just that perception. The best futon mattress should address your interests, whether you want to use it as a primary bed or as a way of conserving space for other purposes.


Of the many futon mattresses that have crowded the market, few have the qualities needed for a durable futon. If you want to explore sleeping options, the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress should be your first consideration. This mattress is made from high-quality materials to boost its lifespan. With its incredible versatility, you don't have to worry about unexpected guests as this mattress can double as a guest bed.


Best of all, the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress is available in different sizes and styles. You can also choose from the rich colours available, including black and dark grey. Let's quickly look at some of the MAXYOYO's futon mattresses.



  • MAXYOYO Sherpa Fleece Japanese Floor Mattress Roll-Up Futon Mattress, Beige


This quality item can be a great addition to your studio apartment as it will make your life more comfortable with the help of its medium-firm design. It is wide enough to accommodate two people, a benefit you can count on if you live with your partner.


Another thing associated with this MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress is it's specially quilted to offer additional sleeping hours by providing you with utmost comfort and temp control. You'll also like the reversible design, which can be helpful if you have kids that enjoy playing.



  • MAXYOYO Sherpa Fleece Japanese Floor Mattress Roll Up Futon Mattress, Dark Grey


This mattress is one-of-a-kind. It is crafted with advanced materials for better support, comfort, and spine alignment. Memory foam relieves any form of physical pain and replaces it with precious moments of sleep.


Interestingly, this mattress comes in three sizes: twin, queen, and full. That means you can choose any size that corroborates your space and comfort needs. And similar to other mattresses in its class, this unit provides extra sleeping hours by offering users exquisite comfort throughout the sleep cycle.



Benefits of Futon Mattress


A futon mattress is among the most valuable items you'll ever have, not just for your small apartment but for any space that wants to serve more than one duty. So what are the benefits of a futon mattress? Read below to discover:


  • Comfortable


Comfort is the first thing you'll notice after using a futon mattress. These mattresses are usually well-built with high-density materials to ensure your spine remains in a neutral position for a great night's sleep. As if that's not enough, they adopt the latest technology to prevent the edges from wearing out prematurely.



  • Alleviates Back Pain


Back pains are relatively common nowadays, so your sleeping option must deliver the best support. Thankfully, futon mattresses are carefully configured with medium-firm design and excellent back support to alleviate back pain. A futon mattress lends foundational support to your joints and secures them while you're asleep.



  • Anti Allergic Properties


Are you sensitive to dust? A futon mattress, particularly the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress, is a safe bet. This mattress doesn't trap dirt and dust that brings about bacteria and mold, so you can be confident that you'll enjoy a great night's sleep without sneezing frequently.



  • Great Air Circulation


Most of us find it difficult to sleep because of the high temperatures, not knowing that a mattress is critical in enhancing air circulation. Traditional mattresses are bound to trap airflow, which builds up heat leading to discomfort. This is different from futon mattresses as they are crafted from quality materials with excellent breathability.



  • Easy to Store and Save Space



A futon mattress can fold easily to be stored away until it's needed again, creating enough floor space for other activities. This is convenient, knowing that only a few people enjoy the luxury of an ample living space. By all means, a futon mattress is a piece of luxury that one can get accustomed to with time.


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