Are Futon Mattresses Good for Everyday Sleeping?

The quality of sleep is important for optimal health and well-being. And besides sleep duration, you must always factor in where you sleep. Do you spend the night on a bed or a futon? Sleeping preferences vary from person to person as some prefer to sleep on a bed while others on a futon.


Futon mattresses are popular for a number of reasons, including their versatility, affordability, comfortability, supportiveness, and compact design, to name a few. They can be folded and stored easily when not in use, freeing up space for other activities.


According to experts, futons are typically firmer than conventional mattresses as they are meant to lay on the floor, making them a great solution to chronic or severe back pain. Apart from that, futon mattresses adopt the latest technology in producing high-quality bedding for a great night's sleep.


While adding a mattress topper to a futon mattress adds to the cost, it ensures your mattress will withstand maximum abuse before reaching the end of its better days. But are futon mattresses suitable for everyday sleeping?


Futon mattresses are ideal for everyday sleeping, assuming it offers optimal comfort, support, and pressure relief. However, it would help to buy a quality futon mattress from a reliable brand like the MAXYOYO to enjoy all these benefits. If not, you might end up with a below-average product which adds to the issue of back pain upon waking up every morning.


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What is a Japanese Futon Mattress?



A Japanese futon mattress is a traditional style of bedding that has proved to be helpful to back sleepers and people with poor blood circulation. This mattress is usually placed on the floor and greatly differs from the western type of futon, which is a pull-out sofa bed.


A Japanese futon mattress is primarily meant for those who fancy a minimalist lifestyle, making them a good match for small studios and apartments as well as a spare sleeping area for guests. They typically measure 2-3 inches thick and are flexible enough to roll up when not needed to create ample space for other purposes.


Since they are made of quality materials, Japanese futon mattresses can last up to 10+ years, especially if you maintain them as expected. One such way of maintaining these units is covering them with a durable mattress topper to prolong their lifespan. Another important thing to note is that Japanese futon mattresses adopt natural materials during production, meaning they're environmentally friendly as opposed to other sleeping options.


And the benefits don't end there! These Japanese bedding styles offer medium firmness, so they conform to your body structure, relieving physical fatigue and back pain while offering enough support for a precious sleep moment. Above all, they come in all sizes and color options, so it's no surprise that they've become increasingly popular in the recent past in Japan and the world at large.



Benefits of Sleeping on Futon Mattress


As mentioned earlier, futons are commonplace for those dwelling in small apartments and studios. They are honored in the mattress industry for their versatility, comfort, and, not to forget, space-saving design. Unfortunately, most of us have come across these pieces of furniture without knowing how precious they're when it comes to enjoying a good rest or sleep.


Below are some of the benefits of spending your night on a futon mattress:



  • Comfortable


Futon mattresses are incredibly comfortable, making them a suitable candidate for side sleepers, back sleepers, and the rest. Given their medium firmness design, these mattresses engage your lower back muscles, strengthening them while you're asleep. A futon mattress will also alleviate back pain and provide support, so you rest assured of a good rest all night.



  • Convenient


The flexibility of futon mattresses is likely unparalleled. This makes them convenient for all users and can even come in handy for unexpected guests. In addition, they're insanely quiet as they don't adopt any moving parts.



  • Cost-effective



Beds can be pricey, and I bet no one wants to spend upwards of $1,000 for a bed, with bedding not included. The same doesn't hold true for futon mattresses as they're reasonably priced, yet they offer similar, if not better, features than the value-minded mattresses. This attribute makes a futon mattress worthy of a spot in your home.



  • Anti-allergenic


Since futon mattresses are chemical-free, the risk of creating an allergic reaction is minimal. On top of that, they're made of natural materials to enhance air circulation for a more refreshing sleep, particularly if you reside in humid areas.



  • Portable


Beds are elevated and cannot be moved easily. Therefore, you should disassemble each part first before transporting it. With futons, the possibilities are endless. They can fold easily to store away or transport them for camping trips. It's worth enjoying the freedom to carry your bed to whichever place.


Moreover, a futon mattress is easier to clean than conventional mattresses, which builds up stubborn dust, hair, and skin over time. Take your futon mattress outside to knock out the dust, then leave it to air dry in the sun to prevent mildew from developing.



  • Space saving


Given their compact design, futons are great space-saving alternatives to beds. They are very flexible, so you can store them away to maximize your apartment space. Most importantly, they come in different sizes, so you can choose one that complements your floor plan.



  • Versatility


One of the premium features of a futon mattress is its versatility. You can use your futon mattress as a bed, couch, daybed, and the rest. This is a feature you will hardly find in other sleeping options.



The Best Futon Mattress


Everyone longs for quality sleep, and investing in a comfortable mattress is the best way to embrace this idea. Therefore, this calls into question…


What is the best futon mattress?


There are many futon mattresses on sale, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but we recommend the MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress because it comes with all the features you'd like in a futon. The MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress outperforms other sleeping options because of its convenience and unmatched comfort.


It adopts state-of-the-art technology to prevent it from degrading prematurely. And the fact that it is relatively cheap means anyone can meet the expense of this unit. Another primary feature of this mattress is it's configured to align with your spine, thus relieving chronic or back pain. The MAXYOYO Japanese futon mattress may be your go-to option if you often endure such health conditions.


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