A Guide to How to Fold a Futon Mattress

A Guide to How to Fold a Futon Mattress

If you are one of the many owners of a futon, you might find yourself wondering how to fold a futon mattress properly for storage. It is not an easy task to do because these mattresses have springs and other parts that need to be handled with care. In this article, we will tell you how you can successfully fold a futon mattress. Keep reading to know more. Folding a futon mattress is not as complicated as it may seem. You will just need to follow some simple steps, and it will take no longer than 15 minutes. Keeping your futon mattress in good condition is essential if you want it to last long. The following tips can help you store it efficiently so that when the time comes, you won’t have any difficulty getting it back out again.

What you’ll need

A futon mattress is a little more complicated to fold than a regular mattress, so you’ll need a few things to ensure it’s done right. These include a futon cover, a futon frame, a futon mattress, and two people to help you fold it. The futon cover will protect your futon mattress from dirt and dust. The futon frame will keep the futon mattress in place while you are folding it. The futon mattress will protect you while you are folding and storing your futon. Two people will make it easier to fold the mattress and get it back out again. If you don’t own a futon frame, you can use a regular-sized mattress frame to store the futon mattress. You can also use the futon cover to protect the regular-sized mattress. If you don’t have a futon cover, you can protect your futon mattress with a regular mattress cover. You can also use blankets or sheets to protect the futon mattress from dirt and dust.

Step 1: Fold the Mattress in Half

 To start with, you need to take the futon mattress and fold it in half. Start with the corner of the mattress facing the frame. You will need to fold it in a way that the corner meets with the side of the frame. Take the part of the futon mattress that is facing towards the wall and fold it in half. Then, fold the side of the futon mattress that is facing towards you in half as well. Do this with the corner facing the frame. If you find it difficult to fold the mattress in half, you can try turning the futon mattress upside down. This will make it easier for you to fold it. Another way to fold it in half is by taking the futon mattress and folding it vertically. Start by folding the top end of the futon mattress towards the bottom. Then, fold the bottom end of the futon mattress towards the top. Make sure that the corners of the mattress are aligned with the frame. 

How to Fold a Futon Mattress

Step 2: Turn It Over and Shake Out

Once the mattress is folded in half, you can turn it over. Hold the corners of the mattress so that they don’t come loose. Shake out the mattress so that the dust and dirt fall towards the floor. Make sure you do this on a surface that can get dirty. You should also wear gloves while shaking out the mattress. Take the corners of the mattress and shake them again. This will allow the loose dust and dirt to fall to the floor.

Step 3: Roll it Up from One End

The next step is to roll the mattress up from one end. This is the crucial part of the whole process. Start by lifting one side of the mattress as you start rolling it. You can make use of a futon frame to lift one side of the mattress. After lifting one side, take the other side of the mattress and start rolling it towards the first side. Make sure that you are keeping the corners of the mattress aligned with the frame. Roll the mattress until it’s about the same width as the frame. If you have a futon mattress that is particularly wide, you might have to roll it up more than once. Make sure you have the futon frame in place to support the mattress while you are rolling it up. Once you have rolled up the mattress, you can place it in a bag or a box for storage. Make sure you have enough room in the bag or the box for the rolled up mattress.




Folding a futon mattress is a challenging task. It requires you to fold it in a particular way, and you also need to be careful while rolling it up. With the right equipment and a couple of people to help you, it should be pretty straightforward. You might feel that the process is complicated, but don’t worry. Once you have folded it a couple of times, it will become much easier.

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