5 Ways to Enrich Your Staycation

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Everyone spends vacations differently, including exploring remote villages or traveling overseas for summer freedom. But what if you want to avoid booking a flight to travel somewhere far? The good thing is that you can have an enjoyable vacation without worrying about traveling abroad.


Are you aware that staycations have numerous advantages? First and foremost, you will save money because you don't need a pricey flight ticket and accommodation. Secondly, staycations contribute to the growth of the domestic economy because you can tour some of your country's top-notch hotels with the money you save on air travel.


Even if you don't travel from city to city, something valuable must be done during your staycation. Keep reading this guide to discover five ways to enrich your staycation.


5 Ways to Enrich Your Staycation


  • Sleep Like You are on Vacation


Who doesn't enjoy relaxing, recharging, and rejuvenating on vacation? A staycation can provide the perfect opportunity to unwind without the constraints of commitments that you're always limited to.


Contrary to popular belief, getting sufficient rest while on staycation is more complex than you might think. But don't worry! You can make a few simple adjustments to keep your sleep on track during your staycation. Here's how to get great sleep while on a staycation:

  • Prepare for your staycation.
  • Practice a bedtime routine.
  • Make your room sleep-friendly.
  • Do exercise during the day.
  • Limit alcohol intake

 and consider taking a warm bath before bed to relax those tired muscles.


Sleeping is the most cost-effective activity you can have during your staycation. This is primarily true when sleeping at home. Because you won't pay for the bed, your accommodation fees are waived. In addition, sleep doesn't entail accessories that cost you money.


  • Make an Itinerary


When on a staycation, it may be tempting not to plan ahead of time as you would have if you were on vacation. However, if you don't plan, it's easy to squander your free time without doing anything.


The key to an incredible staycation is to break away from your typical routine. Make an Itinerary that allows you to have fun even in familiar surroundings. One way to schedule your itinerary is by diversifying your activities by committing a day to each of the following categories:

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What's the hype about your neighborhood? What do visitors like best about it? Take time to explore it with your travel companions. Visit a museum and heritage places, and eat at an ethnic restaurant.




What vigorous activity would you try? Go for a speed boat tour to get your heart pumping while admiring the ocean view. Plan to snorkel or scuba dive and let aquatic life enlighten you.




Spend some time exploring nature. Go on a hike, walk along the beach, rest on the sand, and watch the stars with your preferred drink in hand.


Set a budget


One of the main advantages of a staycation is it can save you a reasonable amount of money. While we all seek to break away from the stresses of everyday life, vacations can be costly. Therefore, a staycation is an alternative way to be constructive, have fun, and save.


But just like you'd allocate a budget for a vacation, you must also plan a budget for your staycation. Otherwise, the cost of your downtime could quickly add up.


  • Refresh Your Sleep Space


When you're on vacation, having the right atmosphere in your sleep space is critical. Do yourself a favor and consider these tips for refreshing your sleep space during your staycation.


  • Make your bedroom sleep-friendly


One way to make your room sleep-friendly is by decluttering to clear away dust and other irrelevant materials. This creates a conducive atmosphere for you to sleep and relax your muscles.


You'll also want to create a snack station so you can enjoy your coffee and midnight snacks in bed. Connect your coffee maker, load up your favorite snacks, and you'll never need to go anywhere. Another important thing is to create a blanket fort filled with treats and pillows during your staycation. A blanket fort offers you a safe haven from the outside world.


  • Express Yourself


Try your hand at painting, drawing, or sketching. Make sure you find different ways to express yourself: something that pleases you. Pay close attention to colors and express how you feel. The fun does not end there! You can even dance because expressing yourself through physical movement can help you release some trapped inner feelings. Dance in your room or a public setting. Give heed to what matters most, and you'll be surprised how great this helps.


  • Take a tour of your own neighborhood.


You don't need to travel far to have a good time. If cabin fever has gotten the best of you, look no further than a staycation. Touring your own neighborhood or town can offer you a great balance of fun and relaxation without the sophisticated itineraries and high costs.  


Visiting a nearby setting such as a tourist attraction during your staycation is a convenient way to revitalize your life. You never know what you may come across. Don't let your staycation be boring. Schedule new activities and enjoy acting like you would on vacation.


  • Lazy Lying on a Futon Mattress


One of the rewarding ways to enrich your staycation is sleeping on a futon mattress. This mattress is engineered to relieve physical fatigue and offer a comfortable sleeping surface. So after spending your day out visiting nearby locations and engaging in different activities, you can be confident to have a great night's sleep.


Do you find it difficult to sleep when it's too hot? Some mattresses limit airflow, meaning heat is retained in the mattress, resulting in discomfort to the user. For this reason, we recommend the MAXYOYO futon mattress because it has the opposite effect. It is made with breathable materials to create better air circulation.


Because they fold, you can maneuver with your MAXYOYO futon mattress wherever you want, which is incredible.

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