MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat, Coral Velvet Area Rug Japanese Carpet with Non-Slip Backing, Bohemian Style

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Thick Memory Foam Filling: This carpet consists of 1.2 inch memory foam, which provides you with the assurance that the carpet will not sink into the floor. Memory foam carpet is an extremely creative use of memory foam innovation. Quality will provide you with more comfort and higher satisfaction. A memory foam carpet pad helps increase the carpet's flexibility

Coral Velvet Fabric: This carpet is made up of coral velvet material. DTY microfibre is used to make coral velvet. When compared to other textiles, its benefits are especially clear: it is soft, gentle, lint-free, and easy to color, making it the best material for a carpet. The rug has a high absorbing effect and breathability, and it is particularly suitable for living room, bedroom

Non-slip Backing: This carpet consists of a non-slip plastic drop cloth at the backing. Backing carpet also enhances longevity, aesthetic retention, dimensional stability, and installation convenience and may offer a moisture barrier. It also preserves the top layer of your carpet from furniture creases and foot traffic wear and tear. Therefore, this carpet is the best choice for you.

Bohemian Style Carpet: The carpet designs with bohemian pattern, adding aesthetics and exotic feature. The size is 4.9 ft x 6.6 ft and 9.8 ft x 6.6 ft. The area rug will be best placed under furniture or in the middle of your room. The Size and design of your rug can assist define furniture groupings and areas of use, such as discussion spaces

Kindly Notes: The carpet was folded in bags for transportation. When the product arrives, there may be some creases; it will take 2-3 days for the creases to come out completely. However, the carpet will be good in shape to use in no time.