MAXYOYO Metal Bed Frame - Black

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High-quality and durable steel construction: The newly upgraded frame is crafted from expensive steel, ensuring exceptional strength and stability. It can easily support higher weights without producing any noise when turning over, offering a comfortable sleep experience for two adults.

Minimalist design for versatile interior styles: With its minimalist design, this bed frame seamlessly complements any interior design style. Simply place a properly sized mattress on it to enjoy a high-quality sleep experience.

Quick and easy installation: The installation process is incredibly simple and can be completed within twenty minutes by following the clear instructions provided. Each screw component is labeled with its corresponding model for added convenience. When you need to move, effortlessly dismantle the frame and transport it due to its compact size.

Ample 12-inch space under the bed for storage: The bed frame provides generous space underneath, allowing for convenient storage of your belongings. Easily keep your items organized and tidy. Additionally, the space is easy to clean.

Sizes (with weight capacity):
Twin: 74.6" x 37.5" x 14", supports up to 2500 lbs
Full: 74.6" x 53.5" x 14", supports up to 2500 lbs
Queen: 79.5" x 59.5" x 14", supports up to 2500 lbs